Educating the moose

Two weeks ago I found saw an ad on Facebook for a free level 2 distance learning course, I’ve never really been a great learner, I have no self discipline when it comes to things like this. Too easily distracted by that singing chocolate bar trying to get my attention, or the dancing bag of crisps calling me….but I took the plunge and signed up for a course on counselling skills, as its something I could actually see myself doing as a career.

Today I have actually started the course! For the first time since 1995 I am studying and to say I’m nervous and apprehensive is an understatement. My first assignment is due in 10 days! Doesnt leave me much time to get to grips with a new subject and after 3 hours of reading through parts of the workbook my brain is ready to explode with the information overload.

What tips would you give?

Should I set aside x amount of hours to the course each day?

Is it an idea to make notes as I’m reading, the book is only available online so I dont have a physical copy I can take and read without taking my laptop with me around the house.

4 comments on “Educating the moose

  1. This is awesome Gary, well done you! I would set aside some time each day, you dont want to overwhelm or overload yourself what with this being something you haven’t done for a while.
    Do you perhaps have a friend local who could print the reading material for you and drop outside your door ? You’d then be free to highlight relevant bits and make notes as you go along. I wish you all the best with this 👏🤩


    • Thanks Michelle, I have a printer but not sure how much ink lol and as I have an all in one printer its 30 odd quid for ink…cant justify that as it’s less chocolate and crisps 🤣


  2. That’s fabulous!

    I’m in my fifth week of an OU course (Computers and IT, with Business as a second subject). I would suggest printing out the online book you’re reading so that you can study it and make your own notes at your leisure. Then transcribe your notes into something you can read and understand when it comes to assignments and any tests.

    I’m currently transcribing four weeks of notes into cohesive revision material. That’ll teach me not to do it every Sunday, like I promised myself!

    Enjoy the course!


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