500 followers of this blog is quite an achievement and I am extremely proud that so many of you want to read my moaning, depressing stories ūüėÄ

I hope (okay I KNOW), that I have helped some people with my experiences and I am so grateful to all the new friends that have come into my life as a result of this blog. People from all over the world, even some in my home town of London have become firm friends and without this blog I would never have met them.

So thank you for putting up with me, supporting me and reading my story without judging me. There has only been one person who has “trolled” me in the whole period of this blog so I know I am fortunate to have so many good visitors to this site. Keep the comments coming I enjoy reading them, and wish I got more to be honest.

It is heartwarming to be at the end of such support and long may it continue. The more people (especially men) we can get talking about depression the less stigma we will face and we can continue to educate the ignorant…

Thank you!

Thank You

Naming and shaming those who have been there for me and pulled me through some tough times, kicked me up the arse when needed and not once judged me for having certain feelings and thoughts…

I may not always show my appreciation in the right way but I really appreciate your time spent on keeping the smile on my face, and for giving me the strength needed to keep going..

(in no particular order!)

  • Maria
  • Caro
  • Antonella
  • Sandra
  • Jenn
  • Weegee/Gail
  • David & Debbie
  • Mary
  • Amy
  • Juliana
  • Cindy
  • Paul
  • Karl
  • Gary
  • Liz
  • Linda
  • Michelle
  • Mum
  • Sarah
  • Linda
  • The Moose support group on facebook
  • Whizz
  • Debbie
  • my readers of this blog
  • my twitter family

see the thing is….. I am not alone and have a lot more friends, and good friends at that!, than I realised.

so the next time you see me moaning about being lonely, having no one and generally feeling sorry for myself rest assured I will head straight back to this post and be grateful that so many people want me to succeed and are there for me!

Thank you all for helping me, for listening, for making me smile and for pushing me gently in the right direction!


and above all for reminding me what The Depressed Moose is all about…


when you need me rest assured I will always be there for you.

The Birthday Moose



A year ago today I made the decision to finally “come out” about my depression, and in typical Garry style I did it to the world and created this blog.

My original intention was to help other men come to terms with their depression and get people talking about mental health in general Р I would like to think I achieved this moose mission! It has also helped me in a way I never even imagined РI cannot recommend writing about your depression highly enough. At times it has made me see where things have been going wrong and helped me spot the warning signs of the bad cycles coming.

I have made many new friends since starting this journey and have become “famoose” in my own right – or in my own head, either works for me!

Massive thanks go to Sheryl and the never forgotten Teresa for inspiring me in the early days and giving me the encouragement to write and the support to help me through the bad days.

Naturally I owe a massive debt of gratitude to you, the reader who puts up with my dodgy humour (or comedic genius as I call it), my wallowing and moaning in equal measure yet have stood by me and offered words of advice or just words of support when needed. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know many of you who I now consider friends.

390+ posts and almost 55 thousands views later it has been a wonderful journey of self discovery and remembering my love of writing.

Here is a list of the top 10 most viewed posts on this site since day 1

  1. You can’t be depressed you’re smiling
  2. Hitting rock bottom is not the end
  3. The Man behind the moose
  4. Moose Tracks
  5. This form could change a life
  6. why I blog and how often
  7. Things to cheer you (and me) up
  8. why its ok to have bad days
  9. Books published by the moose
  10. a children’s book on depression¬†– possibly my favourite post!


This blog has been view in 131 countries so huge thanks again to the people who kindly share my posts via twitter, Facebook or any other method.

A few people have also donated to the blog over the first year and I want to say how grateful I have been for this. As you know I have less money than certain countries in the EU so every little donation has helped keep me going.

Raise a glass and lets toast to the next 12 months of thedepressedmoose.com

I will toast to new friends, great support and being #famoose!

Enough of the thanks now lets get a party started! I will bring the Jack Daniels you bring the cake and the strippers!




My blog has just had its 50,000th viewer!

Thank you all so much for your support of me and my little blog.

Apologies for the lack of posts recently but I am in the midst of a personal crisis that I can’t write about.

To all the new friends I have made on Twitter and Facebook since starting this blog I thank you and to every reader, commentor and liker of my posts I love you all!

Hopefully the writing will come soon once my issue is resolved one way or another!

In the mean time please keep showing me support as it means the world to me and think of me on Sunday as I do the superhero run. Sponsorship still required if you can spare a few quid.


“Thank You”

There is some kind of magic in those two words especially when it comes in the form of a message from someone who has taken the time to send you an email expressing gratitude at something you have written.

Recently I have felt like I have lost focus when it comes to my writing be it this blog or the forgotten novel, I don’t seem to interact with people as much lately either.

Anyway yesterday I received a lovely email from someone saying thank you for my honesty in dealing with my depression and it really means a lot to me that people do contact me about this blog. It really does inspire me knowing that someone can relate to what I write about even if that writing has been kinda crappy the past month or so.

Hopefully I can start speaking to more people again because moose gets lonely but I don’t always feel like reaching out to others so those of you who contact me when you notice I am quiet I thank you.

Thank God for Teresa, Roger, Liz, Helen and Cindy for keeping me sane this week!

The Kindness of Others

I have to admit every so often I am amazed at the level of support I receive as a result of writing my blog.

The amount of kindness shown to me today regarding the review, which ruined my day, has blown me away.

There is nothing so sweet as receiving messages of support and thanks from strangers and it makes me so proud that someone has taken the time to do something like that to show me support.

I have spent my day stalking celebrities on twitter to drum up some publicity for my books and blog but alas they are not helping me out, anyone would think they get lots of requests like this :0)

Patch has gone to a new home tonight, I feel bad for having to let him go but my health has to come first and now the dog has gone my cat has reappeared from her hiding place and is all over me. This is much more like it as I have always been a fan of pus... cats (sorry could not resist- giggles)

And at 9.30pm my phone rang and it was Dr Dhanji on the phone thanking me for all the kind comments I have said about him, he deserves the praise he is a top man but for him to take the time to phone me speaks volumes for him as a person!

To everyone who has commented, rated the review as unhelpful and offered me support it really means a lot to me and has helped me immensely.

I will keep up my good work if you keep up yours!

This One is for All of You

From the bottom of my heart I wanted to write a sincere post just for you, my readers and followers.

Photo Credit: Google Images


Thank you for reading my posts!

Thank you for commenting on my posts!

Thank you for following my blog!

Thank you for sharing my blog!

Thank you for supporting me!

To my fellow bloggers thank you for accepting me into your little community on here and for your help and advice.

Ok enough of the mushy stuff but I hope you all know how much I appreciate you all because without you I would not be writing this blog.


Back to the real world for a moment, I have just been and surprised my great Aunt by turning up on her door without warning her. We speak every few days but there is a big difference between speaking on the phone and visiting someone.

When was the last time you surprised someone with a visit? when was the last time someone surprised you?

Or even a little phone call to someone who is depressed and feels alone can make such a difference to their day.

5 minutes of time means nothing to you but to someone like me it can have a massive effect on my mood, usually in a positive way.


I saw this hat on friends today and really want it can you find out where to get one?

The Moose Hat I must have! Photo Credit: Google Images


Or just ask for my address and send me one……


I am also still on the hunt for that tattooist who wants to give me a free moose tattoo¬†you can sponsor my blog for a month if you do it for free ūüôā heck I may even write a blog about how wonderful you and the tattoo are!

And now over to you…

I am interested in what you think I can do to improve this blog. More content, less content, more time between posts?

Please email me garrywilliams78@hotmail.com with suggestions or message me via contact page

I would love your feedback!

Day 5 of my good days streak so even negative feedback with not bring me down but email it anyway and I can take it into account, if it improves this blog and helps to gain more readers and gets people talking about depression then it is all for the greater good!

Thank you all again