The Man Behind the Moose

The Man Behind the Moose

I’m new to this blogging business but I want to share my world with you. My blogs are about my battle with depression, my thoughts and feelings and my ideas behind improving my state of mind!

I hope my posts inspire others especially those battling depression I promise to be open and honest in all of them.

Here are some facts about the man behind the moose

  • I was born in 1978 and I am Sagittarius
  • I am a twin I have an identical brother although there is only one moose!
  • Rod Stewart – “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy” was number 1 in the UK charts on my birthday
  • I support Arsenal
  • I have two children Brandon and Elizabeth (Lilybet)
  • I love the mafia, specifically the American mafia, and have around 80 books on the subject
  • I swear far too often
  • I could watch The Godfather trilogy on a constant loop everyday and still not be bored by it
  • My name is spelt G-A-R-R-Y not Gary and it gets me angry when people spell it wrong
  • My dream holiday would be to New York, i would sell the kids to be able to go there one day

That’s enough for now I could go on but then there is no air of mystery about me to keep you coming back, you can of course ask if you want to know anything else!

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43 comments on “The Man Behind the Moose

    • it fascinates me how they managed to infiltrate and corrupt business, industries, politics in such a massive country like America and spend so many years virtually under the radar. Especially considering most of them were, in the early days,unable to speak the language properly. Takes a lot of brains, brawn and balls to be such a powerful force and its inspiring yet terrifying in equal measure. Going to NYC is my dream I wanna visit all the mafia haunts!


      • Ah ha! I was hoping it wasn’t because you want to be a ‘gangsta’. P.S. Take your wife to NYC with you when you go. (Notice I said when, not if!)


  1. New York is great but don’t go selling the kids – it isn’t socially acceptable and also it’ll get you into all kinds of trouble (not least with your wife, I expect)


  2. As a Canadian, I must say that I was drawn in by the moose. But I stayed because you are awesomely funny. And a fan of all things mafia (I’ve had a crush on Al Pacino since I was about 9 years old). And I dream of one day receiving the “moose seal of approval.”


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