Taking A Break

After much soul searching and not much sleep over the past few days I have decided that I will be taking a break from blogging for a little while.

There is too much going on in my life presently to focus on writing and I worry that by being too open about certain issues it is actually hindering them and impairing my judgement.

I have behaved like a bit of a shit recently and upset/hurt and pushed away some good friends so I am going to concentrate my efforts on heading back along the right path again and hopefully return in the near future in a better frame of mind, and with some good news and interesting stories of what I have been up to!

There is already an exciting development in the pipeline that I can’t reveal yet but watch this space for something good which happens in the next few weeks..

For now consider me…


As always I am looking for some guest posts to keep the blog ticking over. If you have anything depression related and would like to share it with my readers please drop me an email and I will happily post if for you

Moosey Takes A Break… And needs Your Help

For the next week or so I am going to be taking a wee break from this blog.

Going to keep myself busy with things around the flat that need a good clean and hopefully decorate as well. If any of you live in the east London area and have some paint that you dont want please consider donating it to me so I can get cracking as I can’t afford paint yet LOL or anything that may help make this flat spotless considered.

So here is your chance to have your say while I am gone…

As always the opportunity for you to write a post for this blog is open and here is your time to shine.

Any topic on depression is wanted, be it from a sufferers perspective or from someone who lives with a person with depression. Any subject any topic related to depression is open for you to get things off your chest and share with the followers of the moose.

Please send me an email at thedepressedmoose at hotmail dot com with your post and I will get it uploaded – no words limit, as many or as few posts as you feel able to write. just give me a name to use and/or a link to your twitter account or any link you wish to share.

I feel amazing still and now want to make the place look great too!

See you on the other side, I hope that there will be some guest posts coming your way soon!