The Moose and Lent



The time of year when we give up something as a form of penitence, usually something like chocolate for a period of 40 days.

However following on from a conversation with Kimmy on twitter regarding my confidence issues about my blog I have accepted her challenge of a dare shown below.

The Dare I have accepted for Lent

The Dare I have accepted for Lent


And so for Lent I will give up obsessing about my stats! This is a huge thing for me as I cannot go a day without checking numbers for the blog. Usually resulting in me being upset because numbers are down, comments are not received and likes are not being obtained!

The plus side is that it means I can continue my chocolate addiction without feeling guilty!

If you could give something up for Lent what would you choose?


Stats and The Story So Far…


So one of the things you have worked out about me so far is that I am obsessed with the stats page concerning my blog.

On my bad days it’s a case of doom and gloom seeing daily views fluctuating and all the good days it’s all about WOW look how people have read my humble musings! Of course the reality is that blogging takes a long time to build an audience and I am finally getting to grips with the patience needed and as today is, so far, a good day I wanted to share some stats with you because I am so proud of what I have achieved thus far.

Here are my all time stats as of 30th July 2012

  • 4320 all time views
  • 213 views on my busiest day
  • 125 average daily views
  • 43 different countries have read my blog
  • 85 followers — wowee! I am so pleased with this number!
  • 450 total likes 🙂
  • 699 comments on my blog
  • 2 turtle doves
  • 1 partridge in a pear tree

Ok I may have thrown the last 2 in to check you was still reading but the most important stat so far is…

  1. One happier moose!


Here is a top 10 of the most visited posts

Top 10 most visited…


  1. Home Page
  2. The Man Behind the Moose
  3. Depression and Me
  4. Moose Tracks
  5. Swimming Against the Tide
  6. How Do You Say Sorry When it’s Too Late
  7. Why I Blog and How Often
  8. Dear Depression…
  9. My Stalker
  10. Seemed Like a Good Idea At The Time


There are 70 posts so you need to do some catching up if you missed any (HINT HINT)

When I started writing I had no idea what to expect from it but these stats are so uplifting for me. The best thing about doing this is how much better it has made me feel, like I am achieving something. There are some hidden gems in my blogs that I am surprised did not make the top 10 in terms of viewers but I am proud of how much my writing has given people something to read because THEY want to read what I have to say.

Hopefully I am helping people as well because that would just be the icing on the cake if it was the case!

So there you have it, turning my stats obsession into a positive post who would have thought it!