Freshly Pressed?, I’d Settle for Freshly Dressed

Imagine the joy, of everything that could be selected, it is you that is picked out.

You are going to be on display for people to look at, to view, pass comment on and possibly pass judgement on.

And yet there is so much competition. It is only a small chance that it will be you who will be given the honour today.

An honour that will make you the envy of your friends.

There is plenty of speculation as to how you get picked, what criteria is used in the selection process, should there be a picture involved?

And this is the situation my clothes find themselves in each day!



Look at them, all trying to get my attention, flaunting their colours like peacocks strutting their stuff.

Today I can exclusively reveal the selection process for you all. Please feel free to use this to benefit yourselves.


And there you have it!

Freshly pressed? I have enough trouble being freshly dressed!