The Moose Strikes Back

I have lost my light saber so cannot take a picture and recreate the image from the empire strikes back so just use your imagination.

Today I am all over the place with restlessness up and down more times than a whore’s knickers but strangely I feel incredibly positive.

There are a million and one ideas flying around my head today and nearly every single one is about how I can help other people.

Be it just a gentle tweet of encouragement or a message to someone I feel like I have plenty to offer people in their own battles and I hope people know that if they ever feel alone I am always a tweet, DM or email away.

Now the issue is what to do with all these ideas in terms of settling on just one and making it work as opposed to starting loads of things. My brain doesn’t work too well with lots of unfinished things going on so while I work out the next project or plan of action I am going to focus on making YOU feel better. How does that sound?

I actually really want to start a new book maybe a second part of the diary is due the feeling of pride you get from turning your random posts into a paperback that inspires others is hard to explain.

So how can I help you today?

Starting but not Fini……

Some call it laziness, some call it procrastination I call it restlessness.

Call it what you will but I do have a tendency to start things and not finish (see what I did with the title? and you thought I had lost the plot!)

Restlessness is actually a symptom of depression!

restlessness – a lack of patience; irritation with anything that causes delay

This is a big issue for me especially the lack of patience. While I am happy at home when I leave the flat to go shopping or an appointment with Dr nothing drives me madder than long queues at the check out or appointments being late.

There is a sign at my Drs saying “If you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment the Dr may not see you” and yet it is perfectly fine for my 4pm appointment to turn into 4.45 or 5.00 before you see me! And without either an apology or the receptionist informing me of the delay when I arrive!

And the next person at the supermarket who takes forever to get his/her money or card out of their purse/wallet/pocket is going to find out what a moose stampede feels like!

Restlessness and Irritability
You can never relax, and you never feel rested. It isn’t surprising that you would feel angry, irritable, and never at peace. Men may manifest this irritability by lashing out at the people around them, having a volatile temper, not being able to sit still, and perhaps even feeling angry at themselves for not being able to pull out of it on their own.

Makes perfect sense doesn’t it! I am lucky as I do have a short temper but not violent tendencies for me a good shout is about as violent as I get but that doesn’t make it any less scary for those on the end of my tirades. As I have said before my bark is a lot worse than my bite, but its a very bad bark.

Sometimes even a good cry can help! YES IT IS OK FOR A MAN TO CRY!!! Anything that causes you to release the frustration is good but never violence!!

Anyways to make you all laugh here is an example of what happens when you start something but don’t finish


looks good doesn’t it! for the record yes I finished shaving – there were too many strange looks at the shops to carry the look off!