Moose is not well – sympathy please!

Oh my I have been one ill moose today! Not just me though Sheryl has been throwing up since 3 am, Lilybet all day and I have the runs like nobodies business!

Seriously if I have not lost weight today based on the amount of time spent on the loo today I am gonna go mad!

All started at 5am when I woke up in crippling stomach pain and just about managed to get to the toilet on time where I sat until 7! I can recite next weeks TV magazine word for word!

And so I have spent nearly all day in bed trying to sleep, in between qualifying for the next Olympics in the 100 metres.

The worse thing though is poor Elizabeth being sick all day and at times she just wonders into the bathroom and has fallen asleep next to the toilet :0(

Sheryl and I have zero enjoy and unfortunately for her Lilybet is a mummies girl when not well.

Being the dedicated person that I am I wanted to share my shitty day with you LOL

In between the sweat the shivers and the toilet runs it taken me over 45 minutes to write this

Tomorrow is the last day of the mind workshop and I am hoping I feel better enough to go BUT should I really go if I am risking passing it on to others? need advice here please!