Stepping into the Light – Poems from the Darkness

So being inspired by so many people and with an urge to help others with depression I have come up with the idea of publishing books written by people with Mental Health Illnesses. There are lots of books written by medical professionals, especially self help style books but from my limited research not much written by us sufferers.

I am starting with poetry as I feel it can be the sincerest, most honest way of expressing our feelings but imagine if this was successful we could extend the range and add images, short stories anything creative that helps us in our recovery and everyday lives.

This is where you come in! I need help with spreading the word to get this book up and running with submissions, creative input, suggestions and anything else you can offer to keep me motivated.

The book is going to be called “Stepping into the light – Poems from the Darkness

Please send your submissions to me with a brief background of your story

example Garry 33 suffers from Depression and Anxiety.

I reserve the right to not include any poetry submitted and by submitting your work you give me the right to use it for publishing if I so wish.

The last date to submit your poetry is 30th August as I am looking to publish this via smashwords on 1st September.

Idea for book cover


Above is the idea submitted by “K” for a cover please feel free to come up with your own suggestions or edits of this version. Ideally I would like to add “The Depressed Moose Presents” in front of the title.

The charity Mind will receive 50% of the money raised, 30% go to smashwords as publishers and 20% goes to me to cover my time and work.



My Bright Idea Part 1

So after thinking long and hard about how we can spread the gospel according to the moose I am thinking about working to publish a book of poems written and/or short stories by people with depression and other Mental Health Illnesses.

I have a few of my own to go into the book but this is where you come in!

Would you be willing to submit your efforts for me to add to the book? I read a lot of poetry on here and it blows me away how talented you all are so I am sure we can create something between the whole of us!

It can be published as a book for kindle or something. You don’t need to have a kindle to read it as you can download “kindle for pc” from amazon to enable the book to be read, I know this as I did it the other day to read a short story written by Rob Roper (nice plug for you Rob, invoice is in the mail)

The plan will be to spread the word around wordpress, twitter, facebook and anywhere we can think off to bring this to fruition maybe with enough submissions to create a series of books. This is somewhere else where I will need your help!

What do you think? willing to get involved?

Ideas for titles? artwork? Would love to get some feedback on this as it would nice to read books on mental health from those of us who suffer as opposed to experts telling us how we should react and do things?

“Tales from the Asylum – A real look at Mental Health from those who know best” is my idea for a title so far LOL so you can see where I need some help!


Email me at with suggestions or submissions and if this takes off there will be one hell of a party at depressed moose manor 🙂

I can just imagine it being serialised in the press highlighting just how “normal” and talented people with mental health illness are and in the process helping in the battle to end the stigma!

Altogether now “50 shades who?” <giggles>