Selfish Moose and Terrible Parent Apparently

This was a message I received on Facebook last night from a “friend” of over 3 years right before she deleted me!

“I wish all the best I really do but I can’t sit and watch you talking about getting a tattoo when every few days you’re complaining there’s no food in the house or even your blog how the kids get one gift for Christmas and yet you want to and have booked and $800 tattoo?”

and it continues

“I’m sure you’re helping a great number of people with your blog and kuddos to you for that but if you can put personal pleasure in front of your kids and their holidays I can’t read it any more “

yet more

“Any tattoo before food and gifts are bought for the kids is selfish – cheeky or not . If you have spare money buy food and start your Christmas shopping “


here is the best part though – she claims to read this blog yet makes no mention of the fact that I won money playing bingo, the figure of $800 came about talking about my “dream” tattoo that I stated I could not afford because of the cost, that is not anywhere near the price of the tattoo I am getting on Saturday.

This “friend”, or ex friend now,  is someone who has suffered from depression so should be fully aware of the impact receiving this message would have on me so I would like to thank her for making me feel like the worst parent in the world for having the cheek to treat myself.

Why do people think they have the right to make judgement on others? Mr Perfect I am not BUT I would never ever let my kids go without just so I could get something for myself. The fact is Sheryl is getting this as an early birthday present so that we can focus on saving for Christmas but should I have to justify myself and how I spend my money to people?

Fine send me money through the donate button on the right and maybe THEN you can question what I spent it on but to unfriend me because you did not read what was written properly and then have the audacity to judge me is going to far!

Sorry Kim but you can kiss my moose behind! Blocked and forgotten!

Hopefully this rant will help improve my mood because another night has been and gone with me sitting all the way through it and not sleeping and arseholes like the one mentioned above do not help!