Nothing To Say


There really is nothing to say, things are good and my recovery continues.

The problem is each day repeating the one previous and losing track of the days because they are all the same.

The medication decrease is working fine and so is the therapy that I waited so long for, despite the emotional turmoil each session brings, but I am gaining more knowledge about the why’s and how’s of certain issues and this is very positive for when in terms of the blame game. Now at least I am learning that there are things beyond my control that will happen and to try and just roll with the punches as and when they arrive, rather than accepting the right and left hooks straight to the head!

Holiday time is almost here and in 2 days I will be just arriving on the Isle of Wight, I chose Friday as the day to go away as it is my wedding anniversary and thought it would be the perfect day to escape for a while, to be somewhere other than indoors on what should be a special day for me.

Luckily I will be around family in the shape of David, his wife Debbie, my nephew Jacob, and of course Brandon who is coming for our first proper holiday together.

All I need now is that change of luck/fortune to take the next step into moving forward with my life and leaving the hell of June and July behind me.

They say fortune favours the brave and I have certainly been that over the past few months…..