Ready for Today but Disappointed

Disappointed because my paperback version of Diary of The Depressed Moose still has not arrived 😦

I was planning on spending the day riding the underground reading the book, laughing at parts of it, crying at others and generally making people question what is it about that book that is having that effect on that strange man.

Seemed like a good advertising opportunity if you ask me 😀

Still maybe I can wear my moose’s head on the train with a link to this blog!

Anyhoo I have had 3 hours sleep, feel like I am starting to get a cold, please God don’t let it be man flu! and in the 2 and a half hours I have been awake have gone to the toilet 3 times already ffs

But fear not the moose will be on the loose



Lets hope the IBS tablets kick in before I hit the underground, the positive side of that is if they dont I am pretty much guaranteed a seat 😀