My Month in Blogville – A Bad Poem to Celebrate

There is more to this “poem” than meets the eye. I think it is very clever but I may be slightly (VERY VERY VERY!) biased. Amazing the difference a nice power nap can make in your mood! Anyhoo I hope you like the subtle hints (links).


A month already it’s sure gone fast,

48 posts its been a blast!

4 pages, countless hours spent writing,

Expressing my thoughts sure has been exciting.



Sharing up days and down,

The tears of a clown,

Semi naked pics,

For the good of the chicks.



From zero to Hero,

With the words of Robert De Niro,

Improving my life,

With the help of my wife!



Each step shared side by side,

You have come along for the ride,

I had a shave ,of sorts, to impress,

The moose even spoke to the press.



Knowing people are reading,

Giving me the support I am needing,

I am proud I haven’t lied,

Even when wanting to hide.



I have made some new friends,

I hope this blog never ends!

It almost made me cry,

When an elephant gave me some pie.



Depression and me,

The occasional poetry,

Please remind all your friends to look,

At this moose’s virtual book!



Sometimes battling depression,

Is like chasing a wild goose!,

But together we are learning,

A lot more about the moose.



When I struggle for sleep

I count my viewers like sheep,

Having readers by the hoards,

As I am accepting awards.



But enough with the links

As this poem now stinks!

What more can you do?

Easy, Contribute towards my next tattoo!



This has been such a fun post to write I don’t care how bad the poem is look at all the links I have added to my other posts. Genius I tell you!!! Well maybe not but as I just told someone on Facebook it is “genius in its childishness”

Photo Credit: Google Images