Fat Lip and Bad Luck

Haven’t posted since Friday which is the longest period of silence since I started blogging!

It has been a rough few days emotionally and physically but I am still here fighting hard, just sometimes the fight goes when so many things conspire against you.

I ventured out into the big bad world of Christmas shopping last week with some money in hand to get some presents for the wife and kids. After buying a few pieces for everyone I went into one last shop for a big spend up and at that point realised that the money I had left over, about £150, was gone! Somehow between shops I had lost the last remaining money for Christmas! Either my pockets were picked or it simply fell out by itself I do not know but I am determined not to let it get me too down or I will end up destroying myself!

Sick does not even come close to describing my emotions so as a result I have been in hiding from the world.

I did get my lip pierced though so as a treat for you all here is the Moose with a fat lip and a photo that makes me look like a serial killer!

Fat Lip!

Fat Lip!


As of today I am in an improved mood. In fact over the weekend I was a good boy even doing some chores around the house and cooking dinner for everyone last night. Brownie points for me that I am saving for the next time I piss Sheryl off LOL

I am trying to embrace Christmas this year for the sake of the kids but it really is not my favourite time of year, growing up with mum and dad fighting every christmas will do that to you but Lilybet is very excited this year but unfortunately for me she has already “written a letter to santa to tell him you have been naughty” so no presents this year for Moosey!


Birthday Treats for Moose

Today I was planning on getting my lip pierced and an awesome new tattoo idea I have in my head turned into a work of art on my body.

I can afford neither as the last remaining money I have for the next 10 days went into Tesco profits instead as the kids refuse to starve so I can spoil myself.

Yes its morally wrong that I want to treat myself on my birthday but I am sick of never being able to do anything nice for myself and I want to be spoiled for once!

The good news is I may just have enough money in terms of 10p 20p and 50p coins to afford a pack of cigarettes today! no i haven’t managed to give up yet dont judge me 😀

and then to top it all off a present I got for Sheryl to cheer her up has arrived on MY birthday meaning she has more presents to open today than me ffs

I think I can hear bed calling me for the day…