Influenced by Spirits

Normally when I talk about being influenced by spirits it usually refers to my old friend Jack Daniels (by the way I am happy to receive free bottles of the stuff from you lovely people in Tennessee for mentioning your product!) and ends up with me doing things like this…

2013-08-26 01.20.08

Good ole Jack Daniels strikes again…

However this time I am referring to my guardian angels, my deceased Uncles Ron and Eric and the wonderful Teresa who I believe have watching over me since they passed on. Usually I see signs from them that guide me on to a certain path or warn me about things that may be about to happen.

Now obviously this is a subject that will create debate as not everyone believes in things like this, but it is something that I have a strong belief in and have had plenty of examples of my angels visiting me in the past. Usually it could be something simple like just reassuring me that they all still around watching me, for example:

My readers from the UK will remember Sid James from the carry on films who had a distinct laugh.  My Uncle Ron’s laugh was very similar and he always reminded me of Sid James. One day I was in the bathroom with Sheryl when the toilet roll unraveled completely, while this was happening I could hear Ron laughing…

Another example comes from an Angel reading I had done for me by a friend on Facebook, Emma did not know anything about my past and very little about me. She emailed me the reading and one of the angels who had come to her during the reading was called Teresa!

Two weeks ago I had a visit from all 3 of them at the same time, which is unusual because normally it is just one who comes.  The message from all 3 was to watch out for signs that things were about to happen, pretty vague I know but a few days later I went to the Dr and back onto the medication. The visit from all 3 made me take a good look at everything going on in my life which was why I realised that I still needed help.

What has happened in the past week is that other people seem to be getting messages that are meant for me.

Teresa’s daughter Juliana passed one on to me, and Cindy also saw something that I believe was meant for me. Both of these women are very close friends of mine and I firmly believe Teresa was behind the signs.

I can’t say what they are as there are very personal to my life right now but there are very important signs to me and have been a big factor in my recent mindset.

And then last night…I was drawn to an object that was in the wrong place, kept hearing the object being mentioned in my head and so it has been returned to its rightful place.

I feel like i have found my focus regarding certain things now, that I have been juggling too much recently that has had a detrimental affect to my mental health.

I KNOW what it is I want now and while I don’t know how to get it, or if it is even obtainable it has at least brought some welcome respite to the fog that had threatened to swamp me.

So have you any angels? do you believe in spirits and messages from the other side?

Or do you simply think that Moose has lost the plot?



Protection from Above

I was not going to share this incident but thinking over it some more have decided it is interesting enough to get peoples attention.

If you haven’t read about my “infamous” window story then check out the point of no return post before going any further.

Ok so you have met the window now yes?

Good then I shall continue.

Last night I was in a bad way, and to be perfect honest I was struggling.

The incident that happened last night, the handle of THAT window broke last night and it wont open!

I am not in a suicidal state of mind before anyone starts panicking

But does anyone else see the irony of that window being broken on the night that I was asking for prayers and protection?

You all know how strongly I believe in my guardian angels looking out of me, plus my new found relationship with religion, this only strengthens that belief.