Half Price Book!

As a treat I have created a coupon valid for the next 7 days only that drops the price of my book down to $2.50, a bargain if ever I saw one!

You need to purchase via smashwords where you can download it in many formats even pdf! and you can purchase via paypal too!

Its better to sell 1 book half price than 0 at full price isn’t it?

So how do you get the discount? I hear you cry..


Your coupon code is UT82P (not case-sensitive).

Customers enter the code prior to completing their checkout.


All I ask in return is that you go forth and spread the word to your friends so that I can become rich (when the royalties come through) 🙂

Share via twitter, facebook or where ever you please any exposure will help break down barriers against mental health!

It will also give you a warm, fizzy glow knowing that The Depressed Moose will have a little smile on his face

Fly my pretties! Fly!