Arghhhhhhh bored so bored!

I cant shake the feeling of being bored today, bored of what I am not 100% sure Facebook is losing its appeal, mafia wars is boring me, Twitter is annoying me. I want this blog to grow so badly but I don’t know how to improve it.

Why wont people read it when I spend all day whoring it out on facebook and twitter is it because of the subject matter? seems to be only football blogs matter on twitter so i need to reevaluate the people I follow on there if they are not prepared to read my posts because they are bloody good and surely a better read than “this person is joining that club” etc

One of the things about this site is the stats pages where it shows views by country and so far the USA is miles in front from the UK which shows me that my facebook friends are more interested than my twitter “followers”  so how do I publicise better? Is it just a case of word of mouth and waiting for the masses to arrive?

If your a fellow blogger like me please feel free to share some tips and ideas. Is upgrading and going pro the way to go? what am i missing? how do i get things like a contact tab let alone the all important donate link 😀

Patience is not a virtue I possess!

Anyways back to my boredom I have become a bit of a domestic god this week I have even set a new record of cooking dinner 3 nights in a row! and washed up and done the washing and walked to the shops and used the hoover! No wonder i am bored LOL  At least I had the football on TV tonight to keep me entertained besides the 3 year old wanting to jump all over me.

And why is it so damn hot in my flat! I hate the summertime my flat doubles as a sauna i sit here at the pc with sweat pouring off me! its a miracle i stay the size i am when its so hot in here! I will take the rain over the heat anyday of the week and call me a miserable bastard all you want i just cant deal with the heat.

Is it funny that I miss the company of some facebook friends who I have grown close to over the years? I love how people from such different walks of life are drawn together by an online game and develop into close friends despite never meeting but then they just stop logging into facebook and you never hear from them again, then you feel guilty because maybe you didn’t reply to a message or forgot a birthday. Besides my angel from texas I dont speak to anyone everyday and I used to have 5 or 6 people i could rely on daily to keep me amused!

Would be better if I had some friends in real life i could rely on but ho hum!

Anyways feels like the ramblings of a mad man today but i felt the need to write and moan LOL