Beyond the Front Door…

Outside the flat is a big world that I often neglect for a multitude of reasons.

Today though there was a get together arranged within the elephant in the room community on facebook that I love so much!

It had been arranged for weeks and I was really looking forward to meeting up with some old friends who I have already made through ele and meeting some new folks but I woke up late this morning and almost didn’t go!

Thankfully I just went with it rather than worry about the IBS and despite now taking my meds this morning or visiting the toilet for my morning appointment I rushed out the door and headed to the British Museum.

British Museum

British Museum

After a cup of tea or two and some lunch, and the moose gatecrashing about 45 photos (giggles), 3 of us headed to Covent Garden to soak up the Christmoose (Okay it was a reindeer) lights…



and Jack Daniels tree…Moose likey this tree!!

JD Tree

JD Tree


and after that we went for dinner with a couple more friends who joined up with us!

I had a great day and was really pleased I went despite not having any money to spend especially on this amazing calender I spotted



And the moral of this post is…

Until you actually get your ass out of the house and try something different you just dont know what you might be missing out on!

Thanks to Hazel for arranging this and Liz for buying me dinner!

Maybe I should arrange something similar for my wordpress and twitter buddies! assuming one of you will buy me dinner of course!