4 am and wide awake

I didn’t sleep all night Monday and its now 4 am Wednesday morning and here I am still wide awake.

Which for a change is okay because I am wide awake and NOT stressed, NOT worried about things and NOT feeling down!

Yep that’s right as we speak I feel really good!

I feel inspired again, I feel back to wanting to support people again and more importantly I have felt more like Garry from pre depression days than I have for years and years!

And I have no idea why

I am not going to over think the hows and the whys though I am planning on enjoying this serenity in my mind while it lasts.

I am not even planning to sleep I am going to wait until 7 am when it is time to wake Brandon up for school and bug him instead it is much more fun and write some posts for this blog.

Besides there is nothing sweeter than waking him up in the morning, call it revenge for all the times he wakes me up hehehe