Reflecting on my 33rd Year

Today (29th November) I turn 34 and a new chapter of my life begins so what better time to look back and reflect on my 33rd year and what I have done in that year.

This time last year I was still convinced denial was a river in Egypt (the Nile geddit?) and hiding away my depression from everyone including Sheryl.

I was a shadow of my former self spending 20 hours a day playing mafia wars on Facebook and miserably attempting to coach a kids football team with no enthusiasm from me and the children!

I believed I was unique in the problems I was experiencing and didn’t want to share my fears with anyone as it was “just a phase” and that I could “snap out of it” myself.

You all know the window story and how it could have all gone wrong but here I am awaiting another birthday when at times I didn’t expect to see another.

So since turning 33 what have I achieved?

Biggest thing was actually realising that I needed help and seeking it = win for Moose

second thing was starting this blog to help myself and others = win for Moose

publishing two books = win for Moose

making new friends on twitter, Facebook and the big bad world outside my flat = win for Moose

helping other people with their depression = win for Moose

Quickly adding that up I make that a final score of..


Not sure about you but I make that a pretty good year overall despite some ups and downs I have achieved more than I could have thought at this stage last year!

Now join me in celebrating my birthday tomorrow and raise a glass of whatever you fancy in my honour while I sit back and watch the donations and presents pile up! ****

*** actually all I am expecting is a kindle cover but thats kinda exciting too right? 😀