Operation Get My Arse In Gear Is All Systems Go

Despite the year starting as the last one finished I have now started the process of getting my shit together again and trying to move forwards, making up for lost time spent under a black cloud the past few weeks.

Today I went back to the Dr and finally told them how things REALLY are and what a struggle it has been, and still is to an extent. The great thing about doing this blog is that I can go back over the posts and spot the signs of when things are heading downhill so I am fully aware when the cycle changes from average to shit again. Okay maybe sometimes they are good too…

This week has been really positive in terms of shaping the future, short term at least because that is what needs concentrating on.

It is amazing how much the mood can turn when someone goes out of their way for you, my confidence has gone through the roof since miss cougar stayed. It was lovely to realise that I AM attractive and do have something to offer and that feeling of the shackles being snapped off in terms of the past few months was as much as a relief as knowing I do not have blue balls anymore…..

I have wallowed in low self esteem for too long, but in many ways I tend to force myself to rock bottom from time to time and I can be my own worst enemy when it comes to my depression. If I ever get of the fucking waiting list for therapy I will make sure this is explored further.

Speaking of therapy, surely almost 2 years of waiting is long enough? In that time I have had 2 “initial assessments” but the wait goes on.. something that I mentioned to my GP today.

I have a few ambitions for this year, money allowing and want to visit some places in the UK at some point. Once I get these poxy loans paid off I intend to start booking train tickets. I especially want to visit Newcastle as I have a HUGE thing for the geordie accent so would be in heaven up there. Bournemouth, Ireland and Liverpool (Irish and scouse accents are 2 and 3 on my list!) are also must see places this year for me. So any readers with a spare room and a love for jack daniels and cleaning up moose sick please get in touch!

As far as the loans go it is amazing how people with such bad credit get accepted in the first place but I have managed to clear 2 so far with 2 to go, I am touched at the people who sent me donations via this blog which were used to clear some of the payments off.  I am working my butt off to clear the others asap. Another example of being my own worst enemy. I am pleased that there is only one arsehole who tries to put me down via this blog, Asylum Heaven kindly fuck off with the comments they are trashed before approval anyway. Most people are not judgmental and understand  the issues I have are linked to my cycles of depression but for those who want to try and make me feel worse with your comments..I wouldnt waste your time because your comments wont be approved so you are wasting your time.

Things are improving day by day, I am in contact with more people and have had a few visitors to Moose Mansion already this year with a big one next weekend when a great friend from Ireland is coming to stay! It is important to have something to look forward to and I know she cannot wait to spend time with me 😀

Being famoose does have it perks! I will be strolling into Macdonalds with her using the old “dont you know who I am?” line to get a free bigmac or 2, failing that I will be walking out with more straws than I will ever need, who doesn’t love a freebie!

While I remember I have a facebook page that you should like if you are on there – for no other reason than I am a numbers whore click here to find it and share with the world! I am also still looking for guest posts for this blog, on any subject about depression, how you deal with it, if you look after someone with depression, how you cope with a partner etc etc

I love being able to give people a voice and cannot recommend enough trying to write to release some shit from your chest, it has worked wonders for me time and time again so dont be shy get in touch and send me your words of magic!

As we leave January behind and enter February remember that the year has still only just begun, things can get better if we give ourselves a little time and not expect overnight change – hard as that can be at time.

Here is hoping that I can create plenty of memories this year to share with you, even involving some of you as well – what would be better than a mooseketeers get together in London at some point!  Imagine that we can all wear something moose related and take the big smoke by storm!

And if miss cougar is reading this….maybe you can work some magic on the antlers this weekend!



6 comments on “Operation Get My Arse In Gear Is All Systems Go

  1. Hi there, it’s great reading about what you want to do. Seems like a very optimistic post to me! Hope things carry on going forwards for you! On the therapy, I don’t know if it’s available in your area, but in some areas you can self refer to IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) Here you go, take a look, you might be able to self refer to one of these, good luck! http://www.iapt.nhs.uk/services/services/london-nhs-iapt-services/


  2. I’m sorry I have never sent you a message before, and it’s to my shame I haven’t. The basics about me: I’m married and have been for 27 years, live in Cheshire, and worked for Royal Mail for over 30 years (a fantastic job it was too, until…) I’ve suffered from depression at the age of about 13.It always infuriated me when “people” (who didn’t know I was prone to it) said of others eg ‘he/she wants to pull themselves together’. I knew that was a totally crass, unfeeling, unsympathetic to say, and always when the person was well out of earshot. Anyway,I’ll keep this short so as not to bore you silly ‘cos I can feel a ‘rant’ coming on! By far the the worst of times,so I thought, were due to money. We didn’t owe a fortune, but being in debt was horrible. Looking back on it, I now realize it was all a storm in a teacup, though one that did start of depression once more.
    My wife kept telling no to worry about it, but I couldn’t help it! That eventually ended with a doctors help, and I continued living a “normal” life again. Then, then oh, god the next big one arrived. Having said my job was wonderful, one I enjoyed every day-that all came crashing down all of 6 years ago when a new line manager appeared on the, my scene. He was young, had a dodgy work record but was still promoted, and seemed to “have it in” for me plus a workmate. Why? God knows! After approx. 6 months I began the worst depression I’d ever experienced. Finally, I cracked, so much so I went to the GPs, saw one of those rare creatures who actually didn’t care how long an appointment lasted, to him I was a patient who needed help, and help he did, in spades! I can honestly say if it wasn’t for that Doctor I’d have I wouldn’t be writing this (badly, I know). I’d made numerous plans to end it all, I knew where I going, what I was going to do, how I was going to do it well, you get the idea! But, I didn’t, and that was down to the right drugs, therapy and above all talking to that GP, talking about things I’d never contemplate disclosing to anyone, even my wife. I’m now on 2 tablets a day that help stop me getting too depressed, those 2 little pills that GP discovered. (All the other drugs I’ve ended up taking are for the various extra ailments I accrued since being retired on medical grounds.One of which is pre-dementia, diagnosed after a 2month stay in hospital due to a ‘urinary tract infection’ which turned into a bit more than that UTI.) That’s it in a nutshell, and I apologize for my gramma, fraziologi, an’ not bein’ abel two maik proper sentunses, but they’ve al gone to pot over the last couple or three years! Cheers, Rich,and wishing you all the best.


  3. What did your GP say about the waiting time for Goodmays? I know for a fact that it shouldn’t be more then 2 month!!!! Go kick up a stink, you shouldn’t still be waiting.


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