Drained and Run Down

I am completely worn out. I have very little energy to do anything besides wake up and head back to bed a few hours later.

Stress has just got me so run down to the point that I now appear to be coming down with a cold, which means even less energy than normal. It also means more time “thinking” which is never good for me.

There are things I want to get off my chest and talk about but they are so ridiculous I am embarrassed to talk about them.I have done some very silly things the last few days/week.

Most of the things causing me stress are the usual unanswerable questions and things beyond my control that I like to spend hours worrying about.

On top of this we can now add a new problem to my ever growing list, the stress I have put myself under has resulted in me grinding my teeth again when I sleep. I had this problem about 10 years ago, and it is back.

This means that not only am I sinking lower and lower, my bowels are in overdrive, over thinking everything, tennis elbow that has been killing me for 5 months I now have constant toothache and my face has broken out with a lovely rash so the red blotches are really good for my looks!

I am not looking after myself very well and honestly need looking after.

Is it any wonder that she left me when I am such a fucking mess, why friends avoid me etc

I am well and truly fucked right now

13 comments on “Drained and Run Down

  1. *giant hugs*

    Look, I know it’s not much and I know that you probably feel like you don’t deserve it at all, but if you ever need to get those things off your chest, no matter how ridiculous they are…I will listen. (There aren’t many things I’ll even bat an eyelash at. As a depressive, I’ve done some very silly things in my time and counselled other people, so I won’t judge.) You can rant to me on here or on Twitter (@AsViewedBy) if you ever want to. In the meantime, know that even when you are like this I look up to you…simply for writing and speaking out, and for living, the hardest thing to do of all these three.

    If there is any help you need from this stranger, I will offer it. I mean that.


  2. So sorry to hear you down. Remember your friends are thinking about you and hope you start coming back up again soon. Going down with a cold doesnt help, and i know what you mean when you talk about over thinking. i do that too much if i am on my own. Take care and i will be looking out for you, keep sharing 🙂


  3. 😦 same here.. hard isn’t it. Struggling day to day just to do the “normal” things.. at least you have that safe have of bed to retire to.. I hope you don’t feel like this for too long. Take it easy on yourself x


  4. Take care of yourself Moosey. I end up entering comps or playing really stupid monotonous games so I don’t think. Hope you feel brighter soon, but, in the meantime curl up with a nice hot drink


  5. Were all routing for you.
    You may feel silly talking about somethings but i reckon you wont be the only oneto have experienced it. As you said in a previous post you would probably be helping others speaking out.


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