Its Great Being a Benefit Scrounger

I love knowing that the percentage of the population who have never had to claim benefits think my life is all sunshine and lollipops because I claim benefits.

The rhetoric from the wankers in government is that I live the life of luxury, sauntering my money away on endless holidays, fancy food and squirreling away £50 notes like a politician hides his expense forms.

The truth is much less glamorous and part of the reason for my daily IBS attacks, stress and ultimately depression.

Last week I had to pawn my wedding ring – obviously no big deal right? I mean it is not like I need it (which was one helpful comment passed to me)… The ring that was my last remaining attachment to Sheryl. I now have zero things to do with the wedding and our marriage. It broke my heart and was probably a major factor in my slump over the past few days.

Worse of all was that the money I got for the ring lasted about 15 minutes once I factored in gas and electric, which are paid for on key meters, and a few bits of shopping to last the weekend. Yet it will take me months to save up to buy the ring back. Six months is all I have to get it back, but the way things are right now it doesnt look good.

Today I managed to go shopping with my mum who had some Iceland vouchers that I could use, it was the first time in 6 weeks that I could stock up on food. The last time I went was also paid for by my mum.

No matter how I try I cannot keep up with the household bills, when Sheryl was here her money accounted for around 66.6% of the household income and although I have reduced a lot of the bills my outgoings are still more than my incoming, especially as I am still playing catch up from being sanctioned.

I dare not look at letters from my housing association in case I am behind on rent, I am reckless with money when I do have some, especially when I am manic.

I go out once a month even though I can’t really afford to because I am stuck indoors all the time and need the escape but I always end up spending more than I should.

I make sure the kids get things before me, rightly so as a parent but there are things that I can’t really do without because of health conditions that I just simply cannot afford which is making the existing problems worse. For example many years ago as a kid when playing football I fucked my knees, this means I have to wear decent trainers to protect them. Air max are the only ones that I can wear for long periods of time without being crippled at the end of the day, but the cheapest pair equate to a weeks benefit for me so I am wearing footwear that basically kills me when I wear them.

As the winter kicks in, and naturally the energy company ups the prices, I have seen a 3 fold increase in the amount of gas I use a week, to the point where nearly 40% of my ESA goes in gas and electric. Yet I can only afford to put the heating on for an hour a day if I am lucky, this flat is freezing in the winter so even wearing an extra layer does nothing. Some days your hands are numb from the cold in here.

I am on average two months behind on ALL bills, and while the easy option would be to say “get rid of broadband” imagine how isolated I would be if I didn’t have internet access, all my friends are online and it is not like they come over and see me.

I have sold anything worth selling on Ebay, I have very little of value…

Worse of all is that I cannot give any money to Sheryl for Lilybets upkeep. 

So when you hear the media and the government talking about how much easier life is for the benefit scroungers have a serious think about it, the numbers they give you are there for their own agendas.

As much as I would love to be out working, the sad fact is that currently I am unable to do so because of my health. I can barely do anything right now because of my health…

7 comments on “Its Great Being a Benefit Scrounger

  1. Sorry you are having a tough time financially. I know it would be hard to work but have you heard back on any of your job applications? Also, you mention being reckless with money when you do get it. Are you still gambling?

    I hope things get better soon. Control the things you can control, that is all you can do.


  2. Understand the spending when manic, and it usually follows a period of having a really hard time financially followed by ‘sod it i am going to spend some money.’ It doesnt seem right that when a marriage breaks down, the man walks away with nothing. I dont understand that. Yes, i know the kids come first, but it doesnt seem right that the man gets nothing. If it was the other way round, the woman would. Perhaps i am missing something and I am a woman, but am fortunate not to have to be in that position.Take care


  3. I’m sorry you’re struggling with money at the moment, it is so unfair. I definitely don’t think the people who have to claim benefits have it easily, but sadly those who abuse the system are the ones who make the news, so a lot of people assume that is the norm and all people claiming benefits are like that, I think people should think about how they would cope in that situation instead of judging. I wish I could offer some advice, but all I can do is send you warm thoughts and hope. Things will get better xx


  4. I understand how you are feeling I am also unable to work due to a few health problems I have arthritis in nearly all my joints also my back ,I need heating due to this and dare not put it on for to long as it will be hard to pay .I have to travel 12 miles to and from this government course even though I am registered unfit for work the money they are paying for me to go there could go back into the pot to pay towards helping people bye giving extra money to pay for the extra cost in winter fuel .I hope things get better for you soon keep your chin up .


  5. Hi. You are truly doing your best, moose. I speak to people in similar situations over the phone at work and hear how tough it is, especially as it gets colder – it does not make you a weak person, you are very strong to fight the depression and you are doing your best in a very difficult situation. My thoughts are with you, take care moosey. You can get through it.


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