The Power of Un

Two letters yet put together they can have such a negative affect on how we can feel, especially about ourselves..

Here are some examples

I feel Unloved, Unwanted, Unpopular, Unattractive, Unhappy.

The list is endless when it comes to recent events.

Yet I am Unable to Understand why my mood is so Unstable and why Unforeseen circumstances have made me so Unwelcome.

I thought I was Unforgettable but Unfortunately I was wrong.

I am Unimportant and Unknowingly subjected myself to an Unhealthy way of thinking with an Unlimited number of thoughts running through my head.

However it is Unlikely that things will improve until I Unlock and Unloosen the feelings I have been Unwilling to deal with, Unmask them and unravel them because I appear to have an Unrealistic approach to life at the moment.

Of course a lot of these feelings and emotions are Unreal because I still have things that are Unresolved.

The task now is to remove the UN from my life one step, feeling and emotion at a time.

Except for the following…

I am Unashamedly, Undeniably, Unquestionably…


and for that I am Unapologetic

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