Thank You

Naming and shaming those who have been there for me and pulled me through some tough times, kicked me up the arse when needed and not once judged me for having certain feelings and thoughts…

I may not always show my appreciation in the right way but I really appreciate your time spent on keeping the smile on my face, and for giving me the strength needed to keep going..

(in no particular order!)

  • Maria
  • Caro
  • Antonella
  • Sandra
  • Jenn
  • Weegee/Gail
  • David & Debbie
  • Mary
  • Amy
  • Juliana
  • Cindy
  • Paul
  • Karl
  • Gary
  • Liz
  • Linda
  • Michelle
  • Mum
  • Sarah
  • Linda
  • The Moose support group on facebook
  • Whizz
  • Debbie
  • my readers of this blog
  • my twitter family

see the thing is….. I am not alone and have a lot more friends, and good friends at that!, than I realised.

so the next time you see me moaning about being lonely, having no one and generally feeling sorry for myself rest assured I will head straight back to this post and be grateful that so many people want me to succeed and are there for me!

Thank you all for helping me, for listening, for making me smile and for pushing me gently in the right direction!


and above all for reminding me what The Depressed Moose is all about…


when you need me rest assured I will always be there for you.

I Hate….

I hate the way you walked away,

so easily and carefree,

I hate the way you could so readily,

Feel nothing over me.


I hate the fact I meant so little,

so easy to forget.

I hate the fact that I’m the only one hurting,

and you have no remorse or regret.


I hate the way you could move on,

without a backwards glance.

I hate the fact I tried so hard,

And you never gave it a second chance.


I hate the fact I cry at night,

While you’re out with friends having fun.

I hate the fact I always knew,

That you were my special one.


I hate the fact I can let go,

no matter how hard I have tried,

I hate the way you changed so much,

full of stubbornness and pride.


I hate the fact you do not care,

that the love we had has gone.

I hate the way you flicked a switch

and can just carry on.


I hate the fact that 3 months on,

I miss you more each day.

I hate knowing you ignore me,

never listening to what I have to say.


I hate the fact you treat me this way

and no matter what you do…

I hate knowing that despite all this

I can’t stop loving you!