sdrawkcaB gnioG

My recovery has gone backwards over the last 10 days or so to the point where I could actually spot all the warning signs and have moved quickly to work towards stopping the slide.

Friday I went back to the Dr and spoke to my new GP for the first time. I didn’t want to give her too much information as she is new to me and doesn’t know my background – losing Dr Dhanji is a huge blow for me because he could tell within seconds how I was actually doing before I even told him.

I had been two weeks medication free and thought I was doing well, I WAS doing well if I am honest, BUT I could see little things happening again that were giving me reason to be concerned that the spiral was starting again.

It started with an innocent question from someone “how are you REALLY doing?” and 10 minutes later I was still opening up to her, someone who doesn’t really know me outside of her professional capacity yet I opened up the dam and couldn’t plug it. She asked if I was okay because suddenly I was shaking and emotional, almost like a panic attack…

Mentally I had been feeling much better and improved, but emotionally everything that has gone on over the past 3 months have taken a toll on me and obviously in hindsight coming off the meds was not the best idea at this time – please no told you so’s!

Losing Mrs Moose has been like a death to me, trying to accept her decision and move on, let her go, has sent me back into a state of grieving that I did not fully prepare myself for. Let alone not seeing Elizabeth everyday, when I do see her it breaks my heart because I have to let her go again. We play a game where I light a candle for her and she has to blow it out and make a wish, every time she does this her wish is the same “I wish mummy would talk to daddy and come home!” – hearing that coming out of her mouth hurts plan and simple!

I’m losing friends at the moment as well, some because I have pushed them away, others because they have backed away and it all adds up to more rejection, which then feds the self esteem demon that plagued me for years.

My sleeping is causing a problem as insomnia has returned which in turn means I am sleeping during the day again – something that I worked bloody hard to eradicate as I know this was an issue for Sheryl in the past.

IBS has also returned which shows that i am stressed, I had managed to control this for a month or so and could actually go out in the mornings without fear of accidents – that is not the case anymore.

So welcome back sleep issues, IBS, stress and anxiety…. bad enough I have had to cancel my gym membership as money is so tight again, so add hermit back to the list……


I caught it all happening BEFORE it escalated and prevention is much easier than the cure. The fact that I have asked to, and been put back on anti-depressants does not make me a failure. It means I was aware of my symptoms to the point that I could ask for help before I ended up back in the clutches of depression and can start again with my recovery.

As I have said before, asking for help shows strength not weakness and at the moment I am happy to admit I need more help than I thought, and now I have it!

The thing with recovery is that you need to be able to go at a reasonable pace and unfortunately for me I went straight into the fast lane before I was fully ready.

I need to make changes, want to make changes but I need to make sure that I can walk properly before sprinting off into the distance and that is a lesson I have learned the hard way…

So back to the start of my recovery with more experience and a better idea of what to expect. The important thing is to be proud that I spotted the signs before they got too bad.


8 comments on “sdrawkcaB gnioG

  1. Small slides backwards happen, just remember it is not failure and you will come through stronger than before. Xx


  2. I’m proud of you Moosey. You’re right – this isn’t an admission of failure, it’s a showing of how much more in touch you are with your mental health right now, and that’s definitely a sign of strength.


  3. Thinking of you Moose – you got better once, things can get better again. Well done for catching it before it caught you! Your hope and determination are an inspiration.


  4. Hi Garry,

    Excellent blog. I can identify with so many of your issues. If you don’t mind though I will try to help by highlighting what I found to be the positives in my case:
    1) its taken me a while but after moving out of the family home (purely in the interests of my children) after the marriage breakdown I have managed to create a new extra home for my girls. We have photos of fun times just with me, they have their colourings on the wall, I gave them 1 wall in their bedroom that they could write or draw on. All this so that they would know it as ‘our home’.
    2) I never slag their mother to them despite numerous problems. It’s a golden rule.
    3) I have learned that I have to accept how things are rather than how I want them to be. Bizarrely the Rolling Stones ‘You can’t always get what you want’ has boosted me on low days.
    4) I have had to accept that friends of course do not want to get caught in the crossfire and never want to choose sides despite me at times thinking ‘It wasnt my fault’. One friend did get caught in the crossfire and I think we all wish she hadn’t.
    5) Some friends have helped me to improve my mental health enormously by just doing small things. One girl got me into running and it has been a lifesaver.
    6) I started to realise that for a couple of my best friends I was always letting off steam when I was with them. I realized I had to snap out of it or else I would lose them. I will never forget the help they have given me.
    7) I have less money, less ‘stuff’, I have no computer, I buy cheaper food, I walk in the rain because it makes me feel alive, I like the sun on my face, I cherish the cuddles from my 2 girls, I now relax when I’m not with them, and I’m less tired and grumpy when I am with them.
    I worry less about the everyday crap in life and I cherish the smaller things so much more.

    It’s taken a few knockdowns to get here but my future is now dedicated to my girls. We are a team and that’s all I need to get through life.

    Good luck mate.


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