Moosey on Holiday


Moose and his twin brother

It feels so good being away from reality and my crappy life inside the four walls of misery, or home as it’s more commonly known. Being surrounded by family is awesome, having people to talk to or simply just laugh at is good for the soul and reminds me how much of a people person I am!


is it a bird? a plane? no it’s supermoose

It’s also a good reminder to me of how far I have come over the past few months, going from being a recluse to surrounding myself with great company as well as bonding with my brother and his wife, both have been a tower of strength for me recently and I’m so pleased I have come down.


Debbie my sister-in-law

Although I feel bad that this is the first time I have been to visit them for 12 years!! still good things come to those who wait 😀


treating myself to a new top and feeling guilty in the process!

Hell I even treated myself to some new clothes yesterday, once I got over the guilty feeling of spending money on me for a change! oh and did I mention how good I am looking lately?


not many people can carry off a hat like this – myself included 🙂

The hat above was from the poundstore but you will be pleased to know I didn’t buy it – I just walked around the store wearing it 😀


Sandown Beach

Beautiful beach – the isle of wight has some amazing views, the landscape is amazing! Hopefully I will remember to take my camera out with me and get some photos at some point.


had to be done…

no British holiday is complete without these sort of photos taken on the pier


my figure before all the weight loss

told you i lost lots of weight, now im on the beach in a thong (photos available on request LOL)


on the ferry

So here I am having a great time, relaxing (as much as my brain lets me) and trying to focus on clearing my head of the stresses of life – to a point its working because when you have people around you who love you it makes things that much easier!

3 comments on “Moosey on Holiday

  1. Good to see you enjoying yourself. The beach looks wonderful. Has it been warm enough to swim?

    I have to ask, in the photo with the Poundland fetching hat, what is it dangling from the red ribbon around your neck?


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