A Moosive Goodbye

The time has come for me to say goodbye to this blog.

My inspirations for writing, Teresa and Sheryl have left me. Time for me to spread my wings and fly – or crash land to the ground, one or the other.

Thank you all for reading and supporting me but now I have to move forwards on my own.

My books will still be available for the next month when I will remove them from sale for anyone interested.

good luck to you all and good mental health!

The Depressed Moose has left the building



24 comments on “A Moosive Goodbye

  1. Moosey – this made me cry. I’ll miss your blog. But that’s a selfish response.

    Things are really difficult for you at the moment, and you need your friends more than ever. Please don’t do anything rash – today really isn’t the day for big decisions. Give yourself a little time to grieve by all means, but please don’t hide.

    Turning your back on a HUGE part of your life probably isn’t the answer darling. I know you’re hurting but try not to hurt yourself any more xoxoxoxox

    Whatever you do in the longer term – don’t be a stranger. I like having your friendship in my life. Lots.

    WeeGee xoxox

    PS – I point blank refuse to ‘like’ this post.


      • You know I’ll respect whatever decision you make but from the outside looking in that’s not the way it seems.

        I’m only saying this because I care and I think I know you reasonably well. I think you’re lashing out, and being rash. PLEASE take a little time? Moving forwards is great – pretending things didn’t happen? Not so great.

        HUGE HUGE HUGE hugs

        WeeGee x


      • Yes. And you’ve been having a rough time for a while…..

        If only you were as good at recieving advice as you are at giving it. Sometimes others see the things you can’t. That said I’ve told you what I think and you’ve decided to dismiss it out of hand. I can’t do any more than that. Except care of course. You can’t stop me from doing that. Here as and when you need me.

        WG xx


  2. Hi Mr Moose
    Sorry to hear you won’t be blogging any more but it sounds like you are ready to move on and that is really encouraging, so good on you.
    Thanks for supporting my blog too.
    Wishing you all the very best. Your wings were made to fly so spread them out, give them a hearty flap and soar to new heights.


  3. I have been absent from blogging for a while but I am back…and now you’re off. Thank you for supporting me and providing some damn interesting insights to life. You have to do what you have to do Mr Moose and I fully respect that. Embrace the change but you know we are all here if you need a chat or virtual hug πŸ™‚ xxxxoooo


  4. I won’t click Like… I’ll only say I wish you well… I wish you peace and I wish you happiness… and if you want to walk away then I respect that, but regardless of whether you stay or if you go, do it for yourself.

    You’re a good man, Garry. Look after yourself.


  5. sorry to hear you quiting your blog you have helped so many people with your words and you have inspired me to write my own wish you luck in the future and thanks


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