The New Old Garry

As written before the old Garry is back and 2 weeks later still going on strong. Not a single depressive thought or negative feeling in all that time either although obviously alongside the old me is an improved version.

With all the old traits of sarcasm, confidence, and a yearning to go be out socialising comes the sensitivity to other people’s feelings and wanting to help out where I can, especially when it comes to depression and mental health.

At the same time though no longer will I be a party to game playing and mind games. I am a nice guy despite my recent failings and will never again allow myself to believe that I do not deserve better than what life throws at me, time has come for me to go out and look for opportunities rather than waiting for them to appear.

As far as socialising goes okay I will admit I haven’t been out yet for a drink or 12 but thats because I have no friends in the real world to go out with. However, only having online friends is not as much as a handicap as I led myself to believe in the past. A few of them are still local to me and eventually they will take the hint and invite me out for a cup of tea at the very least! oh and pay for it cos moose is poor don’t forget. Hell I don’t even need alcohol to go out and make a prat out myself I can do that just as well with the bubbles from the pepsi in the pub 😀

A friend is a friend no matter where in the world they are.

So what tips can I give to people on how to cope with the black dog of depression?

Here are my 3 top tips

First thing to do is learn not to be so hard on yourself. This has been my biggest issue because every little mistake I made I allowed to fester away at me and increase the feeling of being a failure. Admit the mistake, apologise if anyone was caught in the crossfire and move onward and upwards. If you keep saying sorry you will only end up making it worse in your own mind.

Show me someone who thinks they have never made a mistake and I will show you a liar…

Get active is number 2! I have seen a massive increase in my recovery since hitting the gym, or even just getting outdoors for a little while. Fight through the pain if needed for the first few sessions and soon it will become part of your routine. I feel in better shape than I have for a long time and although that shape is more circle than anything else the results are there to see!

Make plans – It has always helped me to have something to look forward to, even if its just simply a friend coming over for a cuppa and a chat, it may not be a proven scientific fact but gossip helps 😀

Naturally it is all easier said than done but each of the 3 above have been major reasons as to my current state of mental health. That’s not to say they will work for you as everyone is different BUT if you haven’t tried some of them then give it a go, you have nothing to lose by trying something new.

To keep myself going through the last 2 weeks I am keeping myself  busy by staying on top of the housework and getting out at least once a day. The treadmill is slowly being tamed and after an hour on there yesterday I even attacked the rowing machine. Here is a tip for you though when using the treadmill – dont hit the fucking emergency stop button half way through your workout because you lose the stats and have to start again. Some dopey bastard did that TWICE yesterday!

Speaking of something to look forward to… Now I just need to save up £28 to book my place in next years 10k run……

If the black dog comes near you today make sure you growl first and watch it run off tail between its legs…

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