Moose Talks Depression

Tickets will soon be on sale for my one man (moose) show, Moose talks Depression.

Hopefully it will be as successful as I expect with all seats sold out well in advance and demand so great that I am forced to add a string of dates and take the show on the road!

Please bare in mind I only have a 2 seater sofa and 3 chairs around the dining table so book quick to avoid disappointment!

The set has been designed along the theme of a famous old lost city where Moose roamed freely and became too powerful, eventually this upset the Gods and they were banished underwater forever.

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the return of the lost city of Antlertis….

So why the idea for the one man show, and more importantly why am I wasting your time with this obvious incoherent nonsense..

well the reason is because I have a dream… a dream where people are hooked on my every word as I talk about depression! It would be a dream of mine to have a job where I could go into places and speak about the issues surrounding depression and how to help people with it, how I cope with the illness and how I pushed myself back from the brink to where I am today.

Having depression and, albeit mild anxiety is something that would never hold me back from talking about it whether it be one on one or to a group of complete strangers. In fact by nature I actually thrive in group situations where I am often in my element!


People like Alastair Campbell inspire me in this sense because he has overcome his depression to become a successful motivational talker and a regular on the after dinner speakers circuit. He speaks freely about his depression and how he overcomes it and has to be admired for this! (He also retweeted me once so gets additional bonus points!)

So what makes me confident enough to KNOW I could speak in public? and how can it help you?

Obviously it helps if you have an outgoing personality to begin with but being introvert by nature does not mean you do not have the ability to overcome your nerves if you found yourself in this situation and clam up..

Firstly and most importantly is to remember that if people ask you something it is because they WANT to hear what you have to say, consider it your time to shine and make yourself heard. Value what you have to say and that your opinion matters!

Something that most people with depression have in common is the ability to wear a mask to hide how we are really feeling so why not use that mask, that false personality as it were, and turn it into an advantage. Use it as a confidence generator when in a group situation as opposed to the mask of invisibility you see it as.

Lots of people talk about the old trick of imaging the people in front of you naked to make you feel uncomfortable but lets be honest here, no one wants to be listening to a man with an erection so use caution if in a room with lots of good looking people!

Often when I am in situations where there are lots of people I take the following attitude with me

These people will never see me again and I will never see them either

It gives me a “take me as I am” attitude and mentality, again this is because I have always been a mouthy bugger anyway and never backwards in sharing my opinion – whether you want it or not in a lot of cases…

Be brave and talk loudly so that everyone in the room can hear you and take notice, nothing worse than straining to hear a timid mouse at the front of the room when your sat at the back…if you are like me you might not even need a microphone!

And so as my fame (or infamy more like) grows you may find my name listed here as an after dinner speaker but please remember that I am also available after breakfast, lunch, and supper!

you provide the food I will provide the nonsense!

Now where has my stage manager and ticket seller gone? still 5 tickets left…..

3 comments on “Moose Talks Depression

  1. I’m talking about my ED with patients and going to conferences with doctors and helping write material that they give out, with the NHS. Why don’t you get onto your local health board and see if you can help them? Right now I’m a volunteer but who knows what will come of it?!


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