An Update for You

I am still wifeless – she wants space so I am leaving her in peace.

I am coping pretty damn well though if I do say so myself. The flat have been hoovered, there is no dirty laundry and all washing up has been done. It appears I can be domesticated how would have thought….

My depression is not being allowed to affect me, as much as I am hurting right now I HAVE to stay strong for my own sanity as well as for Brandon and Lilybet.

I know a few people are concerned about any thoughts of suicide so let me reassure you all that the thought has never even crossed my mind! All I am focusing on is dragging the old Garry out from where he has been hiding, kicking and screaming if necessary!

I am Moose I AM STRONG!!!!!

I have been through enough over the past 2 years to know I can survive anything if only I realise how fucking awesome I actually am! There I said it I am awesome! I have helped lots of people through my battle and who am I to deny the public its craving for moose!

This brings me nicely to my next point….

How do you help someone with depression when they are going through hard times?

Judging by the lack of messages from people I have known online for many years it appears that doing nothing and saying nothing is the best way…

Now let me tell you this, if I am going through shit times nothing and I repeat NOTHING brightens my day more than a message from a friend asking if I am ok, and letting me know they are there if I need/want to talk.

It is not a case of saying the wrong thing, it is all about letting that person know you are there for them. By doing nothing you are only adding to their issues because it makes them think that you couldn’t care less. Believe me I am talking from experience!

It takes a few minutes to send someone a message yet that could have such a positive reaction and make a huge difference to that person.

As much as I moan about not having any friends in the real world I have some brilliant folks in the online community who have been checking up on me and listening to my wallowing…. as for those who haven’t bothered well that is their loss not mine I am not bitter about it, I would say more vindictive is my nature <evil cackle>

As I have tweeted many times before make effort with people with depression and it will help. I don’t always wanna talk about depression! I am depressed but I am still Garry/Moose I can still take the piss out of you like I used to 😀

Sometimes the fear of saying the wrong thing prevents people from getting in touch but my experience is that I would rather have someone accidentally say the wrong thing but with good intentions than being ignored..

So to summarize for you

1) I have no suicidal thoughts or feelings

2) Moose is fucking awesome and starting to realise it!

3) Don’t be a stranger



21 comments on “An Update for You

  1. I may not come to your blog often, but I’m rooting for you.
    My depression is pretty much under control with medication, but every so often I hit a bad patch. I deal with it by going out and being friendly to those I know. Soon the mood lifts and I can carry on again. A sense of humour also helps and yes, we’re all bloody fantastic and awesome. Remember that always!!


  2. This is a nice positive post despite all you are going through at the moment. I have been worrying about you, but I tend to do my worrying in silence too. I don’t know what that is all about xox


  3. Generally speaking, if I feel that I know the person well enough and actually have something of value to say, I will reach out. Unfortunately, it seems like a lot of us are having a rough time right now. I do hope that things start to look up for you. Sometimes space is all any of us really needs.


  4. How lucky you are to be so much productive while suffering with the disorder. if you were born in my country, you would have been chained in the first time you experience with the “strange” behavior.
    Thank for sharing!


  5. Glad you are coping so well, I know this must be a very difficult time but it sounds like you are doing pretty well! And yes the moose is definitely awesome – you must remember that!! I think you’re right about people “not wanting to say the wrong thing”, personally I would rather that people try (even if what they say isn’t always quite appropriate, but at least you know they care!) Keep going Moose!!! Hugs xx


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