Decisions and Depression

If you have decisions to make how do you separate the logic from thinking with the thought that it is actually the depression talking and holding you back?

Spending time thinking, in turn, time over analyzing the thinking.  Before you know it you are even more confused than when you started! So how do we manage to decide our future when there is a constant battle between your mind and your depression in the whole damn process!

As the wheels of the brain slowly turns I keep coming back to the starting question without making any progress on an answer, in fact there seems to be more questions each time. Weighing up pros and cons or writing lists is not something I am partial to doing. Someone told me to follow my gut – I ended up with a big mac in my hand!

Things need changing and I am scared of the consequences and where it will lead me!

Who, what, where, when got nothing on the fucking questions in my head lately.

Times like this I wish I was not stuck on a fucking waiting list for therapy!

18 comments on “Decisions and Depression

  1. This is why therapy is good. A good therapist will help you stay organized and clear in your thought analysis and separate what’s real from what’s depression. And guides your thinking towards positive steps and solutions. Get on a list of you can!


  2. Sucks when your thoughts whirl around like a hurricane doesn’t it?
    And sometimes you think you’re through the storm when really you’re just sitting in the eye of it, yeah?

    Try meditation too. In my life, I’m confused a lot of the times because I haven’t yet identified the specific thoughts that are running through my mind. Simply acknowledging that there is confusion makes it feel worse. It’s really helped me to learn how to look at my individual thoughts and choose to embrace them or throw them away.


  3. I hope that you don’t have to wait too much longer for therapy, and I know what you mean about thinking and overthinking, sometimes it makes you feel worse 😦 Take care – hugs xx


  4. If I may say so and without meaning to be hard on you but this post is a perfect demonstration of what keeps people depressed. It is by asking questions like you are asking for which there are no good answers. This rumination keeps you dreaming too much as your brain attempts to clear all of the worry. But this is exhausting and so you are stuck in a vicious circle.

    The right thing to do is to realise that for the time being, your emotional state means that you cannot even begin to try to decide anything and that for say the next week – and for most people that is all that they need, get yourself really understanding how dreaming and worrying is keeping you depressed and then begin to worry less and so dreaming less and so feeling more energised.

    The good news is that the more you understand this and find ways to worry less and distract yourself, then very soon your brain begins to clear and you find that decisions that seemed impossible before, become easier to handle.

    Believe me, you don’t need to wait for therapy. You can begin to feel better right away. Try this place to start –


      • I have just noticed that you are an Arsenal fan. Does this mean you live in North London – in which case not too far from me I am in East London, though i do have a soft spot for West Ham. Sorry about that – but think about making contact and maybe dropping by.


      • The Laings estate, Salway. I know exactly where you are. I am in the Firs estate, which is just past the Odeon cinema on the right. I would great to chat about your blog and what you have found by doing it. My blog is new but i have been practicing for years and really know how to help depressions. , I am pretty sure that I can help you. Look at my website and think about it.


      • The last thing I want to do is pressurise you into having therapy and I am sorry that you are so skint.

        But you can help me. As you know how to build a great and popular blog. I have just started my Depression help blog which has a very different tone. Quite angry with the ignorance out there – see but also authoritative and telling it how it is. Because I know what I am talking about. I see loads of people and help the large majority of them. And I am trained in something called Human Givens – so I am not a lone wolf so to speak.

        I have MS and am quite disabled. So if you want to chill out and share what you know, then it would be best if you came to me.

        I certainly will not bother you again, though I may comment on future posts you write. But you are so close. With your blog name I thought you might be from the US or Sweden or something. And if you did want to try me out – we could certainly work something out that would work for both of us. Thanks anyway


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