‘positive about disabled people’

After being forced into attending another work related activity group by Seetec I sat in a room with 1 other person, yes 2 of us doing training!, and was given an hours workshop on my rights as a “disabled” person for getting back into work.

We were told about what rights with have under legislation against discrimination and I was surprised to learn about an initiative called ‘positive about disabled people’ – or “double tick” as it is sometimes known.

This initiative is used by companies to guarantee disabled people at least an interview ” if you meet the basic conditions for the job.”

The logo is below


Disabled people come under 3 categories

  1. physical
  2. mental health
  3. learning

If companies have this logo on their recruitment adverts they should at least give you an interview. There are 5 commitments that organisations are required to adhere to:

  • to interview all disabled applicants who meet the minimum criteria for a job vacancy and to consider them on their abilities
  • to discuss with disabled employees, at any time but at least once a year, what both parties can do to make sure disabled employees can develop and use their abilities
  • to make every effort when employees become disabled to make sure they stay in employment
  • to take action to ensure that all employees develop the appropriate level of disability awareness needed to make these commitments work
  • to review these commitments each year and assess what has been achieved, plan ways to improve on them and let employees and Jobcentre Plus know about progress and future plans

But here are my concerns on this scheme..

How many of these firms who guarantee you an interview actually employ people with disabilities or is it simply a case of paying lip service for a scheme which makes them look better in the eyes of the less cynical like me. It is all well and good promoting that you are “positive” about disabled people but I would like to think they are actually making  job offers as well.

And then I was shocked to learn that companies who wish to use the logo are assessed and awarded this by none other than the biggest discriminator against the disabled – The Job Centre!

Nonetheless I still think the idea behind the scheme is great assuming that it is closely monitored and actually gives people an opportunity but having the Job Centre behind this is akin to having MacDonalds sponsoring a PETA protest in my eyes!

Having scoured the internet I have managed to find a list of companies on https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/ who sent a freedom of information request to the DWP – now surely this list should be more accessible?

Disability symbol national list

I would be interested to know if anyone else is aware of this scheme and if you have been interviewed, or not, by an organisation on this list…

Still on the plus side I actually learned something this week at something from the work program, although it was the training company Maze8 who gave this information and not Seetec!

7 comments on “‘positive about disabled people’

  1. Five years ago I attended an interview for the position of full-time care assistant in a BUPA nursing home. I was offered the job on the spot and given a CRB form to fill in.

    Whilst waiting for the CRB results and my references (one of them didn’t respond and they neglected to tell me – I had another reference lined up just in case) they had time to think. They were concerned about the “E” word. They claim to have sent a letter (which I never recieved) offering me “bank” hours instead – meaning that I would only be asked in if other carers were off sick. My Disability Advisor at the job centre was furious; he made some very stern phone calls, removed them from the “disability friendly” list and made sure that other Essex job centres were made aware and did the same. What they did to me was nothing short of discrimination.

    I wish I didn’t have to say that I’m used to such treatment, but I’ve even been turned down to work behind the checkouts in Poundland!


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  3. I’d love to say it works. I worked in HR for 8 years prior to being off work due to my disabilities and I thoroughly believed in the two tick scheme, especially at my last company as I was responsible for ensuring it was updated, carried out and had the meetings with Job Centre Plus.
    I also did all the first stage recruitment screening and was part of the first stage interview, I met with people from companies such as Seetec, Remploy, etc to give their candidates advice on filling out applications.
    However, the care began and ended with me. It was line managers who did the second stage interview, so although I’d always question their feedback about candidates but in the end they would have who they wanted.
    I was already becoming disillusioned with HR when my depression, anxiety, agoraphobia and POTS made it too difficult to leave the house. Things got bad to worse as all the care and attention I had given to employees who were off was not afforded to me to the point where I was forced to resign.
    There are some really good, ethical people out there but behind them is always someone who is more concerned about money and working people to the bone.
    I wish you every success and if you need any advice re applications, etc just give me a shout!


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