Why Do You Share EVERYTHING?

A question I was asked earlier today based upon a tweet I sent.



As I walking home from the shop earlier today I was lucky enough to shit myself!

So why tweet about it? share it on facebook? and blog about it? after all it really is a bit of a shitty subject isn’t it!

Who really wants to hear about someone who’s life is ruined by not being able to control his bowels?

But what if there is just one person out there who has the same condition and can’t talk about it with anyone?

what if they see what I have written and it makes them seek help?

This is why I hold nothing back on my blog. I want to be able to help someone.

Embarrassment does not keep me awake at night, my issues are all brought about by my own criticisms of myself.  What people think about me is not a factor in my mental health because I can guarantee that I think less of me than anyone out there.

Regular, and older, readers of this blog know I talk about issues that a lot of men dare speak about. From erection problems to bowel issues if I suffer with it I will share it because all it takes it just one person to get the ball rolling and suddenly it is not so taboo.

I would like to think I have earned respect from people as a result of my openness , in almost a year of blogging I have never received a negative message from anyone about the subject matters I write about.

What is embarrassing to others is, unfortunately, everyday live for me. Depression and the stigma attached to it is nothing compared to the suffering of IBS. All the blood tests and other tests have shown that I am not intolerant of foods and that it’s all stress/anxiety related, yet I carry on regardless because I inspire to help other people. Where I let myself down is post accident where I let my confidence suffer and get drawn back down.

My concern comes from the runs (yes in more ways than one am I concerned by runs!) I have to do this month. Not content with the Bupa 10k run on 27th I have also signed up for The Superhero Run a week earlier. What if I have an accident on the way round the course?

Well thank God for my sense of humour!

I may just order this t-shirt from vistaprint to cover that eventuality (I designed it earlier!)

especially for any runners behind me in the races

especially for any runners behind me in the races

So if you find a post on here that you find embarrassing, remember that it is something I have to deal with. If I have to suffer than other people are suffering as well.

This Moose is an all guns blazing kinda mammal and deep down I suspect you would not want me any other way!

15 comments on “Why Do You Share EVERYTHING?

  1. It is a very “British” thought isn’t it? That you shouldn’t share everything and certain topics are “off limits”. Go you for saying no, I ain’t playing that game, I say! xx


  2. Don’t worry about this with your run. Grete Waitz finished the New York marathon and winning I might add with a tan running down the back of her leg.


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