Lack of Confidence

New Vlog for you all to enjoy (or not as the case may be!)

please leave some feedback on this and my other vlogs so i know if they are worth doing or not. Feeback is important to me!

and now for some uplifting, hopefully inspiring music!

a reminder as well that the ele website from Mind is available here

14 comments on “Lack of Confidence

  1. You are good and brave doing this I do not have confidence. you have sold a lot of books I have a book coming out soon bet I don’t sell as many as you. So good on you being a writer does not bring you riches xxx ❤


  2. I enjoy watching the vlogs, I really admre you for doing it.

    My confidence is nowhere compared to what it used to be,
    so have no advice I’m afraid.

    All I can say is people who are worth talking to,
    will talk to you if you’re confident or not.

    ohhh and I did notice something was different,
    and thought “doesn’t moosey have lovely eyebrows”
    then noticed I could see them cos no glasses. lol


  3. I really, really, really like these vlogs. Feels as if I’m right there. And I’m still amazed that these are not rehearsed. You talk so easily and thoroughly from the heart. And I really, really, really wish you had sung a song. ❤


  4. Garry, I know exactly where you are coming from. I never feel like I have done enough, or am good enough even though people constantly tell me I am.
    You should be so very proud of yourself for having the confidence to VLOG with such apparent ease and writing a book is way beyond most people. Keep up the good work! xxx


  5. I don’t have any advice on self-esteem as although I’ve had periods where I’ve thought “I’m alright” I can’t remember liking myself since the age of 8. Now nearly 21 years later it is something I am trying to work on.
    I’ve got thinner lenses for my glasses and had my teeth re-straightened both in attempts to not loathe the person in the mirror but although I like my teeth and my nose doesn’t hurt under the weight of my glasses I need to like what is beneath the surface.
    I know the bad sales/views will always come into mind but just add them on to last months so you have a total not a comparison. Things can never be the same as the last month and very few authors find their sales increase month by month. But hey 2 more people like your work enough to buy it, and guess what as they feel better they’ll talk to their friends and say “this Moose dude really helped!” so if they have other friends who are depressed word will spread.
    Take comfort in the fact you enjoy doing the vlog. Sod us! You come first so if you like them, keep doing them. Put yourself first! (I can say this to anyone but I can’t actually do it myself, but am working on it).
    What you are doing is worthwhile. I write for myself and one day may share it but if there weren’t people out there like you saying “hey it’s ok”, I wouldn’t write at all.
    Please keep strong, keep up the good work and take note of any little things that make you feel good.


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