My Name is Garry..

And I have a gambling problem…

There I said it, although it is not really a secret as a few friends know about the problem I have with playing bingo online, especially with my down cycles.

In the past 2 weeks I have spent more than our income and it makes me feel like an arsehole!

anyways please check out my latest vlog!

20 comments on “My Name is Garry..

  1. Hi Moose, I know this must have been a hard blog for you to do. Admitting that you have a problem is a really good step, and installing the software is brilliant too! I know you can get through this, you are strong! Also, I love the moose costume! πŸ™‚ xx


  2. Hello Moose:) Im Snowdrop from the Northeast. I have just watched your video and I admire you for admitting that you have a gambling problem and that you havent spent money in the past few days on any bingo sites, now that is a fine start. Its controlling the gambling cravings instead of it controlling you. I think you will do well, kind regards Snowdrop:)


  3. I don’t think you can blame your gambling on your illness Garry, thats not on. Its all down to a lack of willpower i’m afraid. I don’t have an illness, but I do have a gambling problem like yourself. Well done for realising it though, its the first step. Chin up chief.


  4. Hi moose,
    Great post, very brave. I was wondering whether you could have your wife manage your money/credit/debit cards? In that way maybe you would feel less tempted when you’re online?


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