17 comments on “Missing Erections and Competition time!

  1. Brave brave moosey talking sex,
    even better talking erections!

    When I’m going through periods of feeling numb / empty I try fill that void in my life with risky sex, usually go back to a man much older than me that likes the no strings attached “fun” but rarely get anything out of it.

    Before my mtental health took over my life, was like a rabbit.

    Now no interest, been single 4 years and lack of the seeeex doesn’t bother me!

    Hope you find ya boner soon!!!


  2. Very brave garry I don’t really have any form of sex drive since starting rispierdoine which has not really bothered me cause I’m single I guess it would be a problem if I wad in a r,ship only advice I can give you is go and see your gp pal maybe he can give you some support not sure in what way and I guess it depends if you have a supportive gp or not I know some one with a problem like yours and he gave 3 little blue pills a week to help him.


  3. MY sex drive is nil because of my illness sometimes comes back a bit use to be good before illness got really bad 5 years ago, also had menopause which hasnt helped. not feeling, just feeling numb makes me even more depressed i miss sex and all that goes with it! i think it should be talked about well done for the Vlog on it hope more people see it


  4. Brave Moosey. WeeGee can get a bit reckless about sex when in one of her mental states. A lot of it is – as you said – about physical closeness I think.

    I don’t tweet very often, or I would totally enter your competion… xoxoxox


  5. Very good point there, WeeGee… it’s a form of self-abuse like eating irregularities, depriving yourself of comfort, painkillers or necessities, showing contempt for your own body by mistreating it, exposing it to potential risk and harm, or using it in exchange for fleeting comfort, a chance to feel, a moment of potential pleasure…


  6. This topic has me baffled. I can’t fully comment on my sex drive from when I was depressed. Sex was pretty non-existent then for other reasons. It added to my depression. So lack of affection and sex brought on the deep unhappiness (along with other things). Kinda like the chicken and the egg, which came first? With the proper encouragement my sex drive goes through the roof. So other than the effects of medication, I don’t think depression and sex drive are related beyond your general emotional state.


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