A Shitty Weekend

Quite literally!

So far this weekend I am pretty sure I have broken the world record for number of toilet visits!

More a case of going for a number 222 than a number 2!

This is means that my stress and anxiety levels are going through the roof and I have no idea why.

Just when I get my depression back under some form of control and things start looking up for me my IBS returns and life becomes unbearable again.

You have no idea what it is like to be spending the day in fear of shitting yourself, and if you do then you have my sympathy!

Depression is one thing but it doesn’t mean you spend any time outside the home looking for toilets that are 1) clean and 2) actually have paper in them!

Now if only I could work out what is causing this life would be better again!

Thankfully I am able to laugh at my own misfortune as you can see from the photo below! but it really gets me down at times!


photo credit: Google

photo credit: Google


9 comments on “A Shitty Weekend

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your symptoms. Anxiety and fear around bathroom availability and distress about symptoms is understandable, but I can give you some micro steps to attend to those so they don’t exacerbate your symptoms.
    IBS is largely because of the link between the brain and gut. If I asked you to imagine your latest bathroom streak in full detail, you would most probably bring on a set of symptoms. That’s how powerful our minds are. So if the mind can create unpleasant experiences, it can also create pleasant ones.
    Distracting the mind whenever you have symptoms arise is crucial. It teaches your brain/mind not to be so connected to your gut, and also gives you a skill in managing your thought processes. The technique is called “Colours” and goes like this:

    Wherever you are, choose a colour, any colour. Lets say green for this example.
    Now out loud, count the number of objects around you that are green, every shade of green you can see. Look closely and really try hard to find as many green objects as you can.
    I want you to do this distraction technique right now. It may sound simple or silly but until you do it for yourself you wont know how powerful it is.
    Pick a colour.
    Stand up wherever you are
    Start counting out loud until you cant find any more of that colour around you.

    It’s impossible to think of anything else while you are counting the colours. Did you notice that? This directs your mind to be focused on something else, something that you are required to engage in and therefore distracts your mind from the very thing that it was thinking about previously.
    You can use the same colour or different colours each time you use this technique. You can also start off with one colour and when you have counted all of those, go on to a second colour if you would like a longer distraction.

    Practice this technique multiple times during the day, including when you don’t have symptoms. Get really good at it so that when you need to use it, you can call upon it easily.

    I hope this brings you some relief.
    Michelle – Mind Matters http://www.mmhypnotherapy.com.au


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