I’m Back…..Here’s Moosey!!!

I hope you have been reading and enjoying the guest posts that people have been brave enough to write and share with us all. I feel very proud of myself for giving people a place to share they experience of depression and other illnesses both from a sufferer and a therapists perspective and hope there will be more people coming forward with their posts.

Click here for a link to all the guest posts.

So what you been doing Moosey? I hear you all cry

The truth is, not a lot really. Apart from Monday when I met with Gary Dart, a Facebook buddy of mine for about 5 years! He also happens to be one of my best supporters of Facebook and is a proud owner of one of my books! (and that is a select club).

He was someone who was also deeply affected by the death of Teresa. In November last year I received a package with lots of gifts from various friends in America and there were 2 key rings sent by Teresa for me, as I knew how close he was with her I offered to send him one of the key rings and he decided we should make a day of it and trek round London.

It was also a great opportunity for me to gain a form of closure on my grief for Teresa as together we planned to light a candle in St Margaret’s Church, next door to Westminster Abbey, as it was  one of the list of places she wanted to see when she was planning to visit me.  I could feel her presence as we lit the candles and I said a little prayer and it really did help lift my spirits, I know she would appreciate the gesture.

She was also affectionately known as “Donut” so we each ate a donut in her honour!


Following on from Central London we were lucky enough to have been given a free tour of Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium, which was awesome for me being a gooner!

After a long day of walking around London with Gary I headed back home absolutely shattered but spiritually uplifted having had a great day with a good friend. I have said it before and I will say it until I am blue in the face – nothing beats making plans with friends and getting yourself out of the home for a day! If you haven’t done it for a while please make some plans and go visit some sights, have a cuppa or do anything that breaks up the normal routine! Hell I will even meet you in London, if you are lucky to have a copy of my book like Gary was I will even sign it for you 😀

We even found a wonderfully named pub. Now I have my dreams of being famoose and I have been called a prick on plenty of occasions so the photo below is perfect!

The Famoose Cock!!

The Famoose Cock!!

Gary I salute you Sir for spending the day with me, despite my moaning about my knees LOL

Speaking of moaning – I had to spend 30 pence to use the toilet! 30p!! Talk about taking the piss 😀

People with a history of IBS related accidents do not have time to find the change machine and put coins into a turnstile but thankfully there was no messy ending!

Get making plans folks I promise you a day out will make a big difference for you!


11 comments on “I’m Back…..Here’s Moosey!!!

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  2. i would just like to say how much i enjoyed your company & what a Great Guy the Moose is for planning such a fun Day for us , God has given you a Gift my friend in that sense of humour be sure to share it as much as you can with others to bring joy into their lives & i am now the Proud owner of a signed copy of ‘Diary of The Depressed Moose’ cheers Mate 🙂


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