Back from Cold Turkey Hell!

I have survived my own personal hell! 3 days of no cable TV  internet or landline due to a major outage of Virgin Media services affecting pretty much the whole of redbridge! Finally it has been fixed and I am back but it has been tough I am never going through that again! was worse than the time I stopped taking my tablets 😀

I have a few more guest blogs to post but as I am playing catch up they may not go live until Monday. It was interesting to check my comments after 3 days and have 43 spam comments!! still at least the spammers noticed my absence.

So how am I doing?

well the stress of having no internet has drained me but this week I have had my 19 year old Nephew staying with us from the Isle of Wight and it has been a nice change having him here, except I am missing my afternoon siestas so I am tired and miserable but being the “cool” uncle I always knew I could be 😀

More updates in the coming days but wanted to assure you I hadn’t left you all in the lurch!!


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