Guest Post – Dawn

This post is not about depression stats or the links found between growing up in dysfunction and
an individual’s potential to be depressed. I don’t know about you but I don’t need a university
study to tell me that depression is tragic.
I know it is because, like you, I live with it everyday.
Depression is my baseline.
So, in this post I am taking a different approach. Today, I’m doing some riffing and bitching on
depression. That’s right I’m talking some major trash!
Below, I’ve put together a list of the 10 things that I can’t stand about this beast.
1) Depression sucks every last bit of life out of you. Am I right? I’m talking down to the
quantum level. It has more suction power than a Dyson & a Dirt Devil combined.
2) It does not come with an instruction manual.
3) There are no magic wand solutions or 10 easy steps that you can implement to be happy and
depression free.
4) It makes me dread the most beautiful, sunshiny days. Why can’t it just rain when I am
5) It makes time stand completely still when all you want is the day to be over. Hopefully,
tomorrow will be better.
6) Medication – You go on medication to feel better but the side effects from the medication
make you sick. So now you are depressed and sick.
7) It’s fickle. You are either:
• tired or you can’t sleep
• stuffing your face or you can’t eat
• lonely as hell but don’t want to be around people
8) It makes it impossible to “get it up.” To get excited, get involved, get outside, get out of bed
or get in the shower. Unfortunately, there is no Viagra for depression.
9) It’s all pervasive, it rattles every last corner of your life.
10) And finally, you know I saved the best for last, the things that you could do to feel better
when you are depressed are the exact things you will not do because you are depressed. Try
being around other people when you don’t even have it in you to brush your teeth.
I am frustrated and I feel discouraged. I just want to understand. I do my best to reel myself in
when I feel that mood coming on but I am often defeated. I promise myself that no matter what
happens the next time I get depressed I will force myself to be happy. Maybe if I buy the right
magazine or read the right book or write a long enough gratitude list? Maybe if I switch
medications or run for 2 hours on the treadmill I will just sweat the mood out. I don’t know,
whatever it is that will cure this little bug eating away at my brain, I haven’t found it yet. Until I
do, I will keep riffing and bitching.

Dawn writes her own blog Growing up Chaotic which can be found here

she can be found on twitter here

2 comments on “Guest Post – Dawn

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  2. I see myself in each and every one of your comments, or bitches, if you prefer. I know for sure that I don’t have the answers to my conundrum. Not only is it a challenge for me but it bewilders my friends and family who want so desperately to help me feel but better but have no idea how to proceed.


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