Hide and Sleep

Almost like the kids game hide and seek except I don’t want to be found, nor do I want to be woken up.

All I want to do is hide away from everyday stresses and challenges that are mounting up and reducing my enthusiasm and energy levels for doing pretty much anything!

I have reverted back to the old days of hiding myself away from people, I have removed myself from groups on Facebook that have been part of me for years. Not that anyone has noticed mind you but that is by the by, why should people notice if I am around or not when I have nothing useful to offer.

As a father, husband and a friend I am pretty useless at the moment, wallowing in self pity is my biggest trait currently.

Take today as an example, our internet and TV service was suspended as the bill was overdue, now our bill is insane given our financial situation but I couldn’t be without my internet or sports. So after hunting round and finding a credit card that had enough to cover the bill I had to wait for the service to be reactivated. So what did I do? I slept until 2 pm because I couldn’t handle not being able to come online, or watch TV!

Priorities all wrong I hear you cry, and I am ready for people to criticise me for having such a high bill and package for TV but then as I don’t ever leave the house unless essential why shouldn’t we be able to have entertainment indoors? it just so happens that we were a few days short of paying the bill this month and virgin media wouldn’t wait!

Besides my worryingly over reliance on the internet, my intentions towards over people are good! I really do want to help others deal with depression and other mental health illnesses. I make an effort to contact people via social media if I can see they are having a rough time, or even if I notice an absence of activity and I would like to think it is appreciated rather than me being a pain in the arse!

I guess from my point of view I committed the cardinal sin of mental health which is to worry about other people to the extent that I forget to look after myself. I can’t help it I like the idea of helping people but truth be told I don’t think I am a nice or good person! I am the first to moan that people don’t contact me, it’s all about me and my issues not you and your problems and I hate that about myself I really do.

(Hopefully at this point people will say otherwise!)

I didn’t even manage to attend the time to change event at the weekend that I volunteered for, the truth was all I could do was sleep. I couldn’t face it, yet felt awful for letting people down.

You see the problem with this moose when he is going through a rough patch like this is that he becomes very needy! To the point of attention seeking! see I admitted it, I know my faults and don’t deny them. This doesn’t mean I do anything about them of course but acknowledging them is the first step right?

If anyone has any suggestions for combating this need to be loved, admired or simply wanted I would be grateful because it drives me mad! I wish I knew why I was so obsessed with numbers and stats my life would be much better if this was not the case.

Don’t hate me for it you will grow to love me for my neediness honest!

Meanwhile if you see a sleeping moose don’t wake him, sometimes a sleeping moose is a happy moose! or at the very least a non moaning, miserable bastard moose!

Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google

10 comments on “Hide and Sleep

  1. My heart goes out to you. I have been there. I shudder to remember. Just know:
    it will pass. Do what you need to do to get through this with no guilt – no guilt! Would you feel guilty for missing an event if you had cancer or even the flu? It’s the same. It’s illness and not your fault. Be good to yourself. Love yourself. This affliction, like any other, will run its course. It is temporary. Truly! Sleep.


  2. when things seem to all go wrong I can relete to hiding away and sleeping. That is what I do too. Unless the anxiety gives me insomnia lol. I’m feeling a bit unloved today as well for some reason. All I can tell you is that It won’t always be this way. Good days will come again. But I know that you know this, but that is all I can offer. (((hugs))) Oh, I do appreciate the fact that you are honest about who you are. Honesty is a great trait!


  3. I think that it’s great that you have such a connection to various online communities. Sometimes finding people locally can be much more demanding, and even if it’s still demanding to reach out online, it’s nice that you can do it sometimes and that you have that outlet! I’m sure that your contributions are more valuable than you ever may know, since not everyone will always tell you how you affect them, but just by being able to empathize with your clear explanation and description of your situation can give people that “I’m not alone” feeling which is so critical for so many forms of empathy, self-compassion, and recovery. I wish you the best, sleeping moose! That’s a gorgeous picture. I hope things feel better soon!


  4. Im sorry i dont have any advice. All i know is tgat i experience these feelings myself. As one if your guest posts said ‘this too shall pass’


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