Guest Blogs

I have extended an invitation to people on Facebook and Twitter to submit posts on this blog, the same offer applies to people who read this as well.

What I would like is people to write about their experiences of depression as either someone who suffers it or maybe from the perspective of a partner who’s loved one battle depression.

The hope is to get a few submissions from various people who would not normally write about it to enable everyone who feels comfortable talking about depression to have a voice.

I know there are not 1000s of people who read this little blog but maybe it will help others have a say!

If you would like to submit something please email me at thedepressedmoose at hotmail dot com

The depressed moose giving people a voice! makes a change from hearing mine doesn’t it?

5 comments on “Guest Blogs

  1. Hi, oh I missed that on Twitter, it is a nice idea. With me personally depression is more secondary really to the anxiety. But have just been reading the guest post from Jess on the reader, very nice post. All the best


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