Help The Moose – SOM Save Our Moose

Ok ladies and gentlemen I come to you in desperate need of your help, ideas and advice.

My books are not selling! My new book has sold 1 copy on kindle, and 4 paperbacks – of those 4 paperbacks I have bought 2 of them and the person who bought the kindle edition also purchased the paperback so it means only 3 people have bought the new book.

I am humbly asking for your help in suggesting ways to promote the books as I obviously have no idea how to do it and as a result my confidence is at ground zero!

I did a free promotion on the poetry book which generated 75 “sales” but no additional sales as a result so is it worth me making Diary of The Depressed Moose book 1 free to try and get some interest in the 2nd book?

Ideas and suggestions needed because I am at my wits end checking the sales and not seeing the figures go up and this is not helping my mood.

Depression and the feeling of being a failure are not helped by people not wanting my books – yes I know its silly but that is how depression works.

Click here for my authors page on Amazon and check out the books, maybe you can come up with better ideas for the descriptions anything that helps is welcomed.

9 comments on “Help The Moose – SOM Save Our Moose

  1. I have all ready got your first 2 books on my kindle I will be geting your latest one when I can afford it moneys a bit tight atm but hang in there people will come accross them in time on the website just takes time. Colly


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  3. You can ask people to ‘pay’ for an Ebook with a tweet, Ive done it as part of another business promotion, though I think giving your whole book away is a little generous.
    Maybe you could give away 1 or 2 chapters, give people a hook, and a link at the end of the free bit so that they can buy the rest.

    Also, you could perhaps write some guest posts on other appropriate blogs. Or offer a chapter/poem as a guest post.

    Twitter is a great marketing tool, but DON’T just promote your book/blog posts. You can use can use HootSuite to schedule promotion tweets throughout the day. Don’t constantly RT nice things people have said about you/your books, it doesn’t make for interesting reading. When you actively sign in make sure you spend your time really interacting with other people. That is invaluable promotion. If you want to thank those that say nice things, thank them directly, or you could make them your #FF recommendations.

    Sorry… got a bit ranty then, but I hope at least a bit is useful.


  4. Worth remembering that January is one of the tightest months. Bills come flooding in, Christmas seems a million years ago and payday, if you have one, seems so far away. There’s usually a slump in sales of many books, digital and paper, at this time. Don’t give up, it can take a heck of a while to get any sort of momentum with any book.


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