My 300th Post! 300 Interesting Things about The Moose

To celebrate my 300th post on this blog I thought I would do something different and post 300 things about me for you all! Don’t say I never treat you all!

300 posts eh? it means I either talk a lot of sense or a lot of shit but who would have thought I would be here for #300!

So here we go! are you sitting comfortably? good then I will begin

  1. Despite people’s assumptions my middle name is not “Danger” but John
  2. I have 2 half sisters younger than my son!
  3. I have worn glasses since I was 8 or 9
  4. My vision is -6 -7  (20/20 is top)
  5. I’m 5ft 8
  6. I am a terrible flirt BUT would never cheat on Sheryl who is my world
  7. The C word is my favourite swear world
  8. Women who use the C word turn me on
  9. I go for eyes and cheekbones in women not boobs or hair colour
  10. I have green eyes hidden behind my dusty glasses
  11. I have scar on my finger where I shut it in a door at senior school and picked the scab for weeks after
  12. I haven’t seen a dentist in 7 years
  13. I’m right handed but can eat pringles with both hands
  14. I missed 90% of my GSCE French classes and still got a B in my exams!
  15. I would love to learn Spanish or Italian
  16. My dream holiday would be to visit Mafia hot spots in New York
  17. I am a twin, my dad is a twin and my son was a twin (lost the other due to miscarriage)
  18. I was nicknamed Gazza after Paul Gascoigne
  19. when i go to MacDonald’s I order 2 big mac meals with no lettuce
  20. I have never drunk a cup of coffee in my life
  21. I have never eaten Indian food in my life
  22. Hob Nobs are my favourite biscuits
  23. I am a chocoholic
  24. I have a gambling addiction
  25. I swear far too much in real life!
  26. The only books I read are on the mafia
  27. I have 73 books on the mafia and 25 on my kindle
  28. I don’t like beer
  29. I drink Jack Daniels
  30. My first celebrity crush was Susannah Hoff from the Bangles
  31. I have been dumped more times than I care to remember
  32. I lost my virginity at 17 1/2
  33. The first girl I slept with her surname was White – the 2nd had the surname Brown – had no more colours since
  34. My favourite movie is The Godfather
  35. My favourite TV show is The Soprano’s
  36. I would leave my wife for either Cheryl Cole or Mila Kunis 😀
  37. I was diagnoses with “High Intensity Depression” on 28th March 2012
  38. It took me 5 years to admit I had depression and do something about it
  39. I used to have a twitch of my nose and was called “bunny” behind my back for years  😦
  40. I have a degree in sarcasm
  41. As a twin who wore glasses I was called The Proclaimers for years
  42. or we were called The Krays
  43. I started smoking at 10!
  44. I have 7 tattoos
  45. I have my lip and eyebrow pierced and 2 ear rings
  46. I chipped my front teeth attempting to drink 2 bottles of bud at the same time!
  47. I have applied for over 1200 jobs since being unemployed in 2010 and only been offered 2 jobs!
  48. I have been with 5 companies that have gone out of business (me jinx? never!)
  49. I would love to go on Big Brother (no idea why!)
  50. My bark is much much worse than my bite – I’m a shouter 😀
  51. I once confused Tessa Sanderson (British Javelin Thrower) with a white person asking “I thought you was black!” i was about 10 in my defence
  52. I like to watch cartoons when no one is in the flat!
  53. Lee Evans is my favourite comedian – I have seen him live twice
  54. I grew up loving Rod Stewart!
  55. My favourite music is RnB
  56. I have zero confidence is my ability as a blogger/writer
  57. The moose name came from my mafia wars character where I was known as Paulie the Moose for 3 1/2 years and its followed me since.

300. I cannot count


So there you have it some snippets of information about the moose – there are of course more things about me but you need to browse through some of my older posts to learn them.

I also need to hold some things back to keep you wanting more!

300 posts is a big achievement for me, I cant believe I have done so many. Hopefully there are more good than bad posts and you still enjoy my random musings/words of wisdom!

In June when I started this I would never has imagined nearly 35 thousand people viewing my blog let alone writing 300 posts! Thank you for your support and messages they mean the world to me!

13 comments on “My 300th Post! 300 Interesting Things about The Moose

  1. Congrats on your 300th post! Also thanks for telling a little about yourself. The soprano’s rock! Go to the dentist!!! I didn’t go for years during my breakdown and depression and now I am having to pay for it. You don’t want to be toothless do you? lol


  2. Congrats on your 300th post !! Was great getting to know more about you. Some I could have done without LOL ! And whats this….you’ve NEVER had coffee ??? OMG, you don’t know what your missing !!! ❤ ya, and keep on blogging !!!!


  3. Well done on reaching 300 garry I have a lot of catching up to reach 300 lol your blogs really ace don’t give up the good work colly


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