Glass half Full?

Nope the glass is not half full, nor is it half empty.

Some fucker took the glass and smashed it over my head!

My mood continues to go downhill. The usual feelings of worthlessness and failure associated with depression are working overtime.

It is even worse as I have sat at an empty blog screen for the past 3 days not being able to find words to help me out of this funk.

In the past I have been able to just get the words out, click publish and feel better as it is off my chest but lately there seems to be so many problems that I don’t know where to start.

Thus far the usual suspects of being needy, craving attention/affection, poverty and feeling useless over book sales are weighing me down.

I am supposed to be volunteering this weekend and truth be told as we speak today there is no way I can face it.  I can’t face much besides sleeping at the moment.

Since the snow of last weekend here is what I have done:

Woke up at 11/12

Slept at 2/3 until 5/6

back to sleep around 3 am

and thats been the story of my last few days!

Although I did manage to go to my Great Aunts’ yesterday to make sure she had some shopping as she hasn’t been able to get out.

So there you have four days worth of my life currently.

Depressing huh?

I need some good news or some good luck because I can’t keep going on like this, it is not fair on the kids or Sheryl as I am one miserable bastard when I am like this, short tempered, snappy and tired!

And to think I started 2013 with such optimism

6 comments on “Glass half Full?

  1. Garry, as shitty as you feel … do try to force yourself to get out of the flat this weekend for volunteering. It may be exactly what you need to break the funk. A change in the rut/routine. If I were there I’d try to drag you out. Maybe Sheryl can drag you out? Take a short walk to that park? Anything to break the monotony.


  2. Try not to get too low pal, rember tmras another day, I’m @ work till fri dinner time n hve been stressin about it but now am jst tryin to cope an hour at a time


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