Hitting Rock Bottom is not The End

People with depression tend to be very hard on themselves, the illness by nature makes people think and feel the worst of any situation. You may not have noticed this about me because I hide it so well đŸ˜€

There often comes a time when the downward spiral of depression sends us falling seemingly to the depths of despair until we hit the place commonly referred to as “Rock Bottom”. Usually it is hit more than once as the ups and downs of depression take us on the usual roller coaster ride of emotions.

Once we are at rock bottom we tend to find ourselves feeling that things will never get better, and unfortunately this is the time when many people see suicide as the only way out of the pain and misery. This is something that people who have never had depression fail to understand, how people get so down that they cannot see living another day as a viable alternative.

But there is hope when we hit rock bottom!

It leaves us with only one direction left to go and that is UP!

It is far too easy for us to let depression win! Yet time after time we have hit the bottom and clawed our way back from the brink and reached new heights, how often do we forget this fact?

We hit bottom and we survived to tell the tale, and if we have done it once we have the strength to do it again and again!

At times we need to be able to step back and look at how far we have come and what we have achieved despite everything that has been thrown at us. We are still around, still battling and still breathing which shows great strength, be proud of this!

Hitting rock bottom is exhausting and daunting, yet if you consider that the next phase is onward and upwards and approach it with the same strength you have shown then greater times can be around the corner.

Don’t let hitting rock bottom be the end, look at it as the start of the next chapter. We have to make mistakes to enable us to learn from them. Try not to be so hard on yourself if things are rough, that’s the nature of the beast with depression.

One step up the ladder is still one step away from the bottom!

Photo Credit: Google Images

Photo Credit: Google Images

22 comments on “Hitting Rock Bottom is not The End

  1. Loved this as normal and so relevant to how i’m feeling at the moment. Last weekend was my rock bottom but it has took me until about thursday to realise the only way is up. xox


  2. It’s only at rock bottom that I realise something in my life needs to drastically change, this minute.
    Without rock bottom, I doubt I would have attempted eating disorder recovery.
    When you are in rock bottom, I don’t know if it’s because of how horrible you feel or because it feels like an “end”, its strange all the things you think of. Almost like, a sudden realisation of life.
    Anyway I like this post
    Hugs to Moose.


  3. This is true. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to get better. But I find that everytime I think I’ve hit rock bottom, something else happens. But still, things will get better! xx


  4. Have reached rock bottom many times, and always have returned from the edge. At the time I cannot imagine getting back to a balance, or away from the edge. I should keep this blog close at hand to remind me if it happens again. Wise words from Moose as always đŸ™‚


  5. I just recently hit ‘rock bottom’ again but somewhere on the way out I started thinking about studying NLP with a view to getting myself well then helping others.
    Great blog


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  8. Rock Bottom is coming around the bend again. I refuse to attempt to bounce back this time, every attempt fails. Time to die.


  9. Glad I found & read this-actually feel much better now! Amazing how powerful a few inspirational words can be:) Thank u


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  12. Been spiralling down for three years. Got no money, no job, no family, my health is in the crapper, and I’m about to loose the roof over my head–forced out by my raging alcoholic neighbour. Been convinced I’ve hit rock bottom time and time again, only to spiral further still. Life’s funny sometimes.


      • Thanks Mooose. The turning point for me is my health. I had to move from my USA homeland to my second homeland which has socialised medicine. I could not afford US health insurance. Got two more months to go on the socialised medical waiting list before Op date. I am grateful I had this choice. Hopefully the Op will work and ill be able to claw my life back. The only real positive is that I laugh a lot at myself right now. I can’t help but see this pitiful existence as comical. Your words were inspiring though, thanks again.


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