Only Words

and yet I cannot seem to get any out. Struggling to write anything worthy.

I have a trash bin full of attempted posts and nothing published for a few days because it doesn’t meet my standards (yes I do have standards for my blog before you ask!)

I could do without being at square 1 again after what had been such a good period but alas life likes to throw curve  balls from time to time.

I thought now might be a good as time as any to make an appointment with my GP so walked to the surgery to book one.

It appears now you can’t pre book appointments!

You now have to ring at 8am to try and get seen that day which is perfect for someone like me who normally only sees 8am if I have stayed awake all night!

So I explained this to the receptionist who took my details and said he would pass them to the Dr but that was around 3pm yesterday and so far I have not been contacted yet.

I am trying to speak to him about physical ailments not just the emotional issues I need to speak about so hopefully I will hear tomorrow because I could do with getting my health sorted out sooner rather than later!

This year I had good intentions but the recent developments have set me back a long way. I am taking time to grieve for Teresa but I can’t keep sliding back downhill she would not be happy if that happened. I have been touched by the support of people on twitter and facebook it has meant a lot to me and it has been amazing to read through all the comments left for Teresa on Facebook. She touched a lot of peoples lives in a lot of countries around the world.

You can judge people by the depth of feelings they create in others, I wonder how I will be remembered when it’s my time to go…

By the way as an example of how hard writing is at the moment I started writing this 8 hours ago!

A post is better than hiding away isn’t it regardless of the quality surely it a start at getting back on the horse?

19 comments on “Only Words

  1. There’s a similar system at my local surgery, i’m going to try and call in the morning again myself. And a post is a post, whether it’s meant for others, or only yourself! I often just write a post meant for myself then publish it. Go with your heart, it’s usually right! All the best


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  3. Garry just remember how much your helping others and at the moment just write what is there dont think about it so much mate it will come back to much talent not to.


  4. Please keep writing. We know it’s a kind of therapy, Keep going, you’ve still got a lot to give. Amongst all the ramblings I bet there will be at least one pearl of wisdom. xx


  5. That is a rubbish service at the doctors!! My doctors does that but only when all of their appointments are full up! And I hope you are doing ok, remember that this down period will pass, and things will get better, but for now look after yourself and do what you can! xx


  6. I’ve never tried to book an appointment on the same day but, I phoned my doctor’s surgery last night and I have to wait until Monday evening for mine, as he’s been on leave this week and is otherwise occupied with appointments. He’s not my GP but another doctor I do feel comfortable talking to. Sometimes, we do have to be patient and wait for the good things to arrive. 🙂


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