IBS 1 Moose 0

Today I was meant to be seeing the psychiatrist but having had NO sleep last night, and my IBS playing up something chronic I was forced to leave them a message on their answering machine informing them that I couldn’t attend my 4pm appointment. I had to leave a message as they never seem to be able to pick up the phone in fact it once took me over a week of calling daily before I could speak to someone!

So imagine how pissed off I was when I get a phone call at 3.20 asking why I haven’t arrived for my 3pm appointment!

The appointment was for 4pm I know this because I wrote it down while I was on the phone to them arranging an appointment for that specific time!

Then when I told them about the message I left all I get is “oh, they haven’t picked it up then”

And you wonder why we have little faith in our mental health services!

Besides these issues my IBS has been terrible today, I have lost count of the number of visits to the toilet I have had to make today but as an example I had a sandwich earlier and had to go toilet 5 times in the space of an hour after eating it!

So depression is getting its ass kicked but anxiety and IBS are returning – this is just my luck!



5 comments on “IBS 1 Moose 0

  1. Sorry about your IBS troubles. Something which I know about all too well. Very annoying about the health care professionals, they wonder why we’re losing faith! B x


  2. It is awful when you have to plan your day/whole life around trips to the loo, life stands still. I have similar probs about food etc. Only eat if near a loo, and stay near for the rest of the day OR don’t eat. All this adds to the depression. As for Psych, well that’s the NHS in this 3rd world country.


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