I Made it Through Christmas

Well technically until about 6pm Christmas day when back came the black cloud after 3 week of feeling great!

Thankfully we had a great Christmas, the kids said it was the best ever for them but by the evening I was feeling lousy again and it has continued since then.

I guess the excitement of having something to look forward to, as in the kids opening presents, had to go once they had finished unwrapping them all but now I feel empty again. I have nothing to look forward to unless I start getting excited about the visit of the Easter bunny!

Now the reality of having spent all our money has set in and I am back to wondering where the next spare £1 will come from as for the next 2 weeks at least we will be working on clearing Sheryl’s overdraft and trying to start the week on a + balance instead of the -£200 that we do currently.

The 4 kids together in a photo at last!

The 4 kids together in a photo at last!


I even did the whole smiling thing and was actually happy for a while. On Christmas eve I managed to attend the midnight service at church where I enjoyed a wonderful service and came out feeling amazingly connected spiritually (hard for me to put into words how I felt spiritually) but I could feel the depression circling and just about spared it from encompassing me until the evening.

Boxing day was a non event for me, Sheryl was out from 3 pm until 2.30 am so I was left alone with my thoughts which is never a good thing on the bad days.

Moose and the 2 lovely ladies in his life

Moose and the 2 lovely ladies in his life


And so I have decided the time is right for The Diary of The Depressed Moose 2 to be worked on, just to give me something to take my mind off reality for a while.

Hopefully will be finished and published before new years Day but all depends on my mood and how long this cloud hangs over me.

How was your Christmas? Hope you had a nice one!

7 comments on “I Made it Through Christmas

  1. I’m so happy to hear you did well through what can be a very depressing time.I have a friend who also suffers from depression. What he does is stocks up on books and then when the wife and kids are out Christmastime hobnobbing he reads. I wanted to visit and send you my best wishes days ago but the blasted WordPress.com Reader was mucked up for days on end. Thankfully, Staff returned from holidays and fixed it.


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